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The worst haircut of my life : Its unbelievable that walmart can hire someone that doesn't know how to cut hair. My head looks like some rats have chewed up my hair here and there. While cutting my hair I could tell that she doesn't know how to handle scissors, haircut kit. My instructions was very clear. This not about my hair style looking different than what I expected in which case I would not have been an issue. This is about how bad the hair looks, its just a mess. I AM JUST FRUSTATED WITH MY HAIRCUT, I am not so good with confrontations and I just wanted to be polite and walked away even paying 2$ tip. This lady doesn't know anything about haircut, when she started working on my hair I had a very bad feeling because of the way she was handling haircut kit and scissors. PLEASE HAVE SOME QUALITY CONTROL!!! I have had free haircuts at hairstyling schools in the past when I was a student and those trainees gave me much better haircuts than this person .

Sep 13, 2015
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