Walmart Portriat Studiobad customer service

I have always gotten my pictures taken at walmart and, have never had a problem until this past couple of weeks. First off the photographer was not like any of the other photographers I have eve had at walmart. She did not seem happy about her job at all she wasn't enthuziastic about it at all. All times I come there with my kids and all the photographers play with the kids to make them smile and get them prepared for the picture.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Easton, PAnot this one {Malinda Nemeth} she was behind both times I went, the last time I brought my daughter and her friend and we waited 1hr and a half. she did act like she want us there {because it was close to closing time for her}. Im extremly disapponted. When i arrived there at 5:00 {app was at 5:30} she was chatting with her sister like she didnt have any other customers after she was already behind. She didnt pose my children I had to. That was just the second time in the past two weeks that I have been there with a bad experience. The first time i had to sennd my pictures back three times.

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