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Walmart / Picture Me Portrait Studio / poor service!

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I just recently had my first child and she was 5 weeks old and my nephews were here from out of state and I wanted to take all of them together and have their pictures made since they won't get to see her much. I went and bought them new outfits that were beachy for the summer and thought it would be fun to have some backdrops of the beach... Being that we are all beach lovers being from florida.

Well upon arrival Whitney and another employee, I don't recall her name but anyhow they were sitting there talking about another customer that was coming in for pictures and were talking bad about her and her children I assume they are regular customers... I found it to be very unprofessional. The other girl even made a comment that she shouldn't be talking about clients like that well that went on for like 15 min. finally she acknowledges that we are still standing there- she wasn't creative at all in finding different poses she kept asking us what we wanted to do? I was only in one picture with my baby and nephews the rest were of my nephews - she was just taking random pictures they could of had done at school in my opinion- she even put hats on them purple and red from the red hat club and they are 7 & 10 I found it to be so unprofessional to put womens big fluffy red and purple hats on kids that age- or any age for that matter!! Then we asked for the beach background and that was a problem she could only fit the 3 of them in it- and the ones she did take with the beach background she didn't include any props like most photographers do... no sand buckets, star fish, beach towel, nothing and then my nephews bought these necklaces that most surfers wear she told them to put it in their shirts to hide it! What was supposed to be a fun experience turned out to be a nightmare- the pictures were nothing to brag about I haven't even given any out yet... then she rushed us out so basically she alloted 30 min we got 15 min of her time and there were 4 of us- because she chose to talk about another client during my time. Also my daughter was only 5 weeks old so she slept through all the pictures but this girl was putting some germy dog squeak toy in her face.. I kept thinking okay don't loose your cool you have the boys with you- but I mean come on common sense people she was a newborn and if she was sleeping let her sleep and then the toy all in her face it was all I could do not to show out!!! The service was so bad my nephews were even upset when we left because they have had better experiences having their pictures taken at other places so I being the aunt apologized for the way she acted.. and that it wasn't what we thought it would be. Just a total bad experience and will not go there again- they ruined our day and they had to leave the next day so I wasn't able to get them in anywhere else before they left. It is sad they don't take a better look at the employees before they hire them I mean they are working with families!

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  • Li
      25th of Oct, 2007
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    I had my first child's pictures taken at Walmart/ Picture Me Portraits. She was 2 months old at the time.

    When we arrived at the studio, we were told to sit in the waiting area. While the girl (Ashley) just stood around. No explanation of our wait. Finally after 20 or 30 mins another woman showed up. Apparently Ashley was training her. After waiting so long, my daughter had started to fall asleep!!

    While the new employee was taking my daughters pictures Ashley sat on a stool and made personal conversation... including the topic of birth control. Not only was I offended but also embarrassed! This was very unprofessional.

    Half way through our session, Ashley left... leaving the new employee by herself. She said it was her first day, I could tell. She really had no idea what was going on. When she was trying to show us the pictures to order, she did not know how to work the computer. She tried to get Ashley off the telephone... but was unsuccessful.

    Finally we left... and the next day I realized that they had put the wrong telephone number for me. I called the next day to correct it. They said that they would "post a note."

    When my husband went to pick the pictures up after work at 3pm, there was nobody in the portrait studio. They had a sign up that they were at lunch until 5pm!! A TWO HOUR LUNCH? We live an hour away... and gas is not cheap, but we have to make a special trip back.

    I was VERY displeased with the customer service and will not return.

  • El
      18th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I realize that the pictures are inexpensive and we shouldnt expect everything that you would normally get at a fancy portrait studio, but I do expect the people working there to be nice and professional. Even people that work at fast food restaurants, who make minimum wage, act better. My experience was at the Morrow, Ga Wal Mart with a girl named Tammy. She didnt seem happy at all to be workingand was rude. I took my son to get his portrait taken as a walk in and she was not busy at all and didnt have any upcoming appointments. However, she still proceeded to tell me and another couple that she counldnt take our pictures for another 2 hours.

    I asked why and she didnt have a reason, she just said she wouldnt., so I left. Later that week I went to the Stockbridge, GA location and she was there. When I mentioned to the other girl that worked there that I tried to get my sons picture taken earlier that week without success, she snidely interjected with a "Yeah, I remember You". That was both unprofessional and unneccessary. Such rudeness. Fortunately, I had a much nicer person take my sons picture that day and I still go to Picture Me for both of my sons pictures, but that experience still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. By the way, my older son is 6 and my younger son is 2 and we have been going to this studio ever since they were born. I have another child on the way and will still go to Picture Me for their pictures as long as we get treated nicely. One more ugly incident and I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Er
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    C'mon a nightmare? Get a real problem.

  • Ba
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I recently was in the pounding mill va studio. i had christmas pictures made. The management staff and the ladies that run that studio were wonderful. My photographe rwas danyelle she does a wonderful job she took time with my 14 month old. She waite d for the perfect smile . I would reccomend her to any one who has small children. She really is good at what she does. You might consider giveing her a rasie

  • Ch
      1st of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I had my 5 grandchildren for a couple weeks in July so I thought it would be great to have their picture done together - I spent $154 on pictures - when the order came in, it was completely wrong and the pictures were horrible. We gave them back and they were going to redo them - it is now February and I am still waiting for my pictures and have been round and round with the Picture Me people - two of the three people handling this have been fired, they have my pictures and I am out $154. We have always gone there to get pictures done and they have always been very nice, but this time, because some thing is wrong on their part, they keep giving me the run around. I have contacted the corporate office by certified mail twice and am still waiting for them to respond. think before you get pictures done at Walmart Picture Me Portraits.

  • Me
      20th of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I am very sorry to hear that the studios at WalMart are not able to handle the responsibilities of a professional photographer. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and none of the Walmart, Target or JcPenneys studios in the minneapolis, mn area require the photographer's to have any college photography education. It's sad that you all have had such bad experiences, if you or someone you know needs professional wedding or portrait photography.

    Please visit my website at:


  • Wh
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    My name is Whitney not to be confused with the Whitney on the 1st complaint at the top of the page. I work for Picture me portrait studios and I absolutly HATE it!!! Granit I love taking pictures and I love children but this company has no moral whatsoever. They don't care about the customers, they don't care about there employees. They lie to get what they want. When my daughter got sick and I needed to leave early to go and get her they told me I needed to find another daycare. The lab where the portraits are prosesed doesn't try, they don't care how they turn out. I have been there since November and an currently seeking somewhere else to go and work. I love photography and was hoping for a chance to really learn and grow but all this company has done is take away my passion for it. So I wouldn't recomend anyone use them, they do everything as cheaply as possible, everything even down to the paper they print one. So if you have children and you want there portrait made I sould suggest Kiddie Kandids -whitney

  • He
      12th of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Hi! I am a studio manager for Picture Me portrait studios. I do understand why everyone is upset with the situations, but I would like to say a couple of things. As i read in the original post about the photographer asking the customer what she wanted to do, I do that myself. I do not feel like it is unprofessional. After all, Picture Me's logo is Let Us Capture YOUR Style. I always give the customer first choice at every detail that takes place in every portrait. It is customized to how you want it done, not just the way i think it should be done. I have gained many faithful customers due to that fact. And in part it has to do with my own past picture experiences. The ones where you have an idea of what you want but no one asks your opinion and you are stuck with their idea of your child. If you don't have any ideas, then and only then do i proceed to the basic routine.
    Second of all, the customer service issue. Has anyone called the Picture Me, Corporate Customer Service Line? We have officially switched over to CPI customer service and I will be happy to send that number out to whom so ever needs it. In certain situations, unfortunately, studio associates get absolutely no where calling for the customer to check on the status of their order. I always recommend that the customer calls customer service theirselves (it usually puts an immediate move on things). And the customer always leaves compensated (in my experiences).
    And the backgrounds (the ones that fit only 3). They are actually made for an individual subject, two at the most. But as everyone will soon see, all the Picture Me studios are converting to a digital format. So that means everyone will recieve their portraits in about half the time and we will be able to produce better quality images, such as sears, etc. I hope everyone will give it try. I'm excited about it and I know my customers are.

  • Li
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    I work for Picture Me Studios, and yes I am deeply upset that these other associates did you all this way. I just wanted to let everyone know that alot of big changes are coming for those studios who aren't yet digital. There are some really great products that we are going to be able to offer once the conversion is complete. Please know that not all associates are like the ones in these comments and this original story. And keep in mind that we do deal with some customers who get us angry and irrate and some associates do let everyone else take the brunt of that others find a way to still be professional. For those of you who think that this is an easy job it isn't you have to have a lot of patience to do this type of work. Not everyone has that. There have been times that I have spent 2 hours with one customer because baby was asleep, or scared or whatever. Please don't get me wrong I love my job I love what I do. Not everyone can say that they have a job that they go to everyday to play. I can. I play with the childen who come in my studio because I know if they are playing and having fun that I will be able to capture the really good smiles. No matter the age I try to get aleast one smile on camera it isn't always easy and I tell my customers there are no guarantees but I will do my best. And I am sure that I have upset some customers in my job, but you can't please everyone this is mainly due to corporate policy. I do make it a point to tell everyone that I photograph that when the pictures are picked up they need to either have the reciept or the persons name who is on the customer information card can use a valid ID. This in my studio seems to be the biggest problem. I have had customers come to get pictures without the reciept and ID and I have to tell them no. This is for the Customers protection to ensure that the pictures are going to the right person. I tell anyone who asks me that this is only a stressful job if you make it stressful. I try in every way possible to resolve customer conflicts and it is true the customer is going to have better success with customer service than the photographer.

    As a customer long before I even started working for Picture Me I have dealt with associates whe were rude to me. I had one when my son was just about a year old who took our pictures and my son was getting cranky and crying because he was tired, I asked if I could schedule another appointment and try again another day and she said no we have to do this now and snapped pictures of my son crying expecting me to buy them. As an employee if a customer asks me for another appointment for what ever reason I do accomodate. A very popular misconception is with the walk in customers. Walk ins are welcome but they are worked in between appointments which means you may have to wait. It is the same if you take your child to the doctor as a walk in. I do however try to work all of my walk ins in as quickly as possible, if I see that I can not I then ask if they would either like to schedule an appointment for another day and I have even gone as far as calling another studio and seeing if they have anything available for that day. I love my job and I love what I do and I think that if every photographer loved this job the way I do we wouldn't see these types of problems. Unfortunatley there are those who look at it as just another job to pay bills. We have had a few of those in our studio and let me tell you that they didn't last long. I try to make it a fun experience for not only myself but for the customers as well. By doing this I get better pictures that the customers want to buy rather than feeling pressured to buy.

    As far as the comment about the necklaces that was totally uncalled for in my book. We are told that if a customer brings something into the studio that they would like to use as a prop then by all means us it and I have done this more times than I can count. I look at it like this the customer is the one paying for the product therefore if the customer has a specific request why not grant it they might actually buy it as long as it is not harmful and safe for all involved. Saftey is our first goal and we will not do a pose that may cause someone to get hurt. I just hope that our customers who have had bad experiences don't let those bad apples be the cause of using the really great photographers that the company does have and yes they do exist. So if you have had a problem with a photographer by all means contact customer service and let them be aware of the situation, only instead of saying you will never use a Picture Me Studio again try another location with another photographer you may be surprised at the out come because we have some really awesome photographers in this company and the good usually does out weigh the bad.

  • Th
      5th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I just want to say that ONCE AGAIN I was DISAPPOINTED in only hearing AFTER I recently had my son's birthday pic's taken & was checking out that I COULD NOT PURCHASE ALL the portraits on DISK ONCE AGAIN like I NORMALLY had done! I was IRRITATED by this same problem awhile back... The Company needs to realize that with the ECONOMY as BAD as it is right now; I personally DON'T think many have $100.-$200. to drop on their children's pic's each visit! I myself made atleast "4 - 6" trips there ANNUALLY. Which unfortunately... AGAIN loosing the Computer disks & hav'g to spend atleast $100. or so to receive ALL your portraits taken... I WILL NOT be going back! I planned on spending around $30 - $40. & instead DID NOT GET MY DISK & had to spend $89. to get all the pic's. WON'T be doing that "4-5" times a year...I CAN ASSURE you that at $100.+ a visit! Who are u kidd'g in say'g the DIGITAL DISKS will be out soon to replace the Computer discs... I'M NOT SPEND'G $100. for COPYRIGHT FYI to receive that so I for one was DISAPPOINTED AGAIN! MORE $$$ WILL LOOSE U "LOYAL CUSTOMER'S" SO I HOPE U CAN PRODUCE NEW ONE'S?

  • Je
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    I had my sons 6 month pics taken at the Picture Me Portrait Studio in Central, SC. I recently move back to Florida and called to see if they could shp my pic here to my new address. Well that was abot a month ago. Now my pictures are lost and I havebeen calling for weeks to try and get them and they are just giving me the run around. I now know that I will get my sons pics done at JCPennys.

  • Di
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I think CPI overall has to overhaul their customer service, staff and perhaps take these complaints very serious. I went to have my daughters passport pictures taken at studio in Walmart. The pictures came out with a pink hue background. I asked the associate to look at them and told her they would not be accepted because the background was not white. She told me that the background is white. After explaining to her that the camera clearly has a problem and asking her if she understands photography she pointed her finger in my face and told me to get the )(*&)(& out of her store!!!
    Totally appalled and my daughter was very distraught by the comment I called their customer service. After customer service spoke to her they told me that I was the one who was rude!!!
    Again, I sent an email to their corporate headquarters requesting that they provide some sort of training to these associates so they know how to deal with customers.
    I have not received an apology. I did go to Fedex Kinkos and that experience was truly fabulous!!.

    If you want professional photographs taken in a professional, courteous environment this is not the place to go. I definitely will not go there ever again.

  • Ja
      13th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Walmart portrait studio picks anyone off the street that does not have a child indangerment record and pays then 8.00 and hour to be a photographier do you know that the stock boy in walmart makes more than that! You cannot get and/or keep a good employee off 8.00 and hour. There is absolutly NO training you get maybe 2 days worth of traing then they tell you that they are understaffed and have no help. They leave you after two days of training by yourself compleatly. Walmart will not help you at all, only if someone is injured. Please note that the two days of training you recieve from someone that if best worked there for 6 months, Cause they go through people like underware, who could stick around making 8.00. The only thing the corperate and district and regional managers care about is sales. How can you make these people buy more that the 6.88 special. They could care less about your memories and if you do only buy the 6.88 special they could care less about you cause a 6.88 special only brings down the studio avarage. If you come in and only buy 6.88 they wish you never came in at all.

    But trust me they treat their staff just as bad if not worse than their customers, that why they are so unhappy. I know someone that had to fight to get days off when their grandmother died. Someone who had never in a year called in sick.

    The best advise I could give you is to go somewhere else to work and to have pictures done. They do a real bad job with small babies(2 months and under) largre groups of children. Be carefull of that seat they put your baby in it is uncomfortable and makes babies cry. Its backing is made of hard metal under that thin cloth. You get what you pay for. Find a small non coorperate Photography company in your area they are the ones that do a good job.

  • Yv
      14th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I dont know why Walmart ever changed companies for portraits, because along w/ that came inflated prices---w/ the same low-budget employees and same quality pictures in my opinion.

    The woman they had working there today when we entered the studio ( which by the way we were not greeted w/ a smile, or any kind of hello'. just tossed a sign in card and told to come back in a 1/2 hour...This woman looked literally and completely 'stereo-typically' like a bar-fly...!!! no exaggeration. She was quite unkempt and her professional demeanor was non-existant. She looked less than thrilled to be working --at all!...LET ALONE WITH CHILDREN!!! I mean seriously...Who interviews for these positions???? are they that hard up that THIS is what they hire?? there arent some tidy-SEMI-professional--qualified individuals out there that would or could work for them????

    I'm really upset, and mind you I left this the entire day just so I could calm down over it, , , but nope Im still upset...So...we get back there after a good-healthy 30 mins has gone by, , , take a seat, and continue waiting another 10-15 mins...never told us she would be right with us---nothing...Then these 2 other women walk in---go behind the counter, using the phone, going thru files etc...these 2 looked as miserable as her!!! ( attitude-wise) I know everyone can have a bad day, , , , , , BUT AN ENTIRE STAFF??????? something must be wrong, and I know its NOT me after reading some of the previous comments left here as well!...something must be wrong w/ this company, who ever is in charge of staffing!!!...


    Wont ever go back to that low-budget krab-joint.

    Im so glad I took my money somewhere else!


  • An
      14th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Hi. I used to work for Picture Me Studios. I just recently left them. They seriously treat the employees like ###. They don't care about the customers either. All they care about is sales. They expect the photographers to FORCE the customers to spend at least 80 dollars. Company minimum average is 80 dollars. That means that every time a customer comes in, the associate has to make them spend at least 80 dollars or they get in trouble. For the other people that work at CPI that posted comments here, I don't know how you can like your job. Maybe it is the difference in the district managers, I don't know. My DM was always wanting me t go work in a different studio and I had to drive 1-2 hours away just to work there. If I said no, she would tell me that I had to because I was a studio manager and if I wanted to stay one, I had to do it. So yesterday, she came to my store and informed me that someone was transferring to my studio and would be promoted to the manager and I would be demoted because this person had worked here longer than me. Along with demoting me, they are cutting my hours down to 15 hours per week. I don't know how anyone could live on 15 hours a week when you only get paid 8.50 an hour. In addition to all of this, I no longer am able to get health insurance and all of the vacation time I have earned now goes away. So needless to say, I quit! These people expect their employees to drop everything and be at their beck and call 24/7 365 days a year. And once they find someone to help them and are no longer understaffed and don't need you anymore, they throw you away like a pile of trash. This is why the employees do not do their job as well as they should. Because they continuously get treated like ###! I hate CPI and I do not recommend ANYONE work there!!!

  • Di
      17th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am shocked at the fact someone would say they hate working for this company. I understand in someplaces things are different. But I love working here! I don't know where someone would get that everything is cheap and horrible. I have my own childrens pictures done here even years before working here. They always turn out wonderful and the employees have been kind and treat my family well even if we can only by the minimum package. This is sad and shocking. Please give picture me another chance try a different store or employee not everyone or place is the same and I am sorry to those of you who have had a bad experience.

  • Sh
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Those two old rules govern here as they do with any consumer transaction - you get what you pay for and buyer beware. I understand what it is like to try and get pictures taken of children, to get them all dressed up, herd them into a busy store, and hold your breath while they play with all the picture props. But to be fair, the employees are not responsible if your child doesn't want to cooperate. Similarly, you can't predict what they will do either.

    I went to Picture Me and spent $54.00 on a package and a few options. When I made my order the employee would give a big sigh each time I turned down one of the options. But come on - who wants to spend $75.00 on a package when they could get another one for $7.50?! Even if only a few photos are the same dimensions and you wind up getting 50 useless 1 1/2 X 3's but a couple of 8x10s it is still cheaper than buying the pictures per sheet. This is a bad corprate pricing policy - they hope to get people in with the special and pinch them with a pricey package. In my opinion, people are not really as gulliable as they assume. I feel sorry for the employees who are caught between bad policy and bristling customers.

    When I received the pictures back, they were slightly below average. They weren't the worst I have seen but they weren't the best either. The quality of the photo lab is sub par, the insets on the "collage" that we ordered were not balanced and there were black lines on each side of the pictures. The color and quality of paper was okay.

    It is really not worth complaining about simply because of the aforementioned rules. I got what I paid for. I could have taken them to another photo studio and plunked down $250 for some stunning photos and archive quality prints but I didn't. Why? Simply put, I didn't want to fork out that kind of money. I am sure that I am not alone in this regard.

    To sum up, we all have choices. If you don't want to spend a huge amount go to a discount photo studio and hope that you get lucky with a few good prints. If you require top drawer photos that are going to be mementos for a lifetime then save up and go to a top drawer place. But don't expect to find Gucci bags at a dollar store. That's just responsible consumership.

  • Na
      9th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    well.. I am not sure about the care given by the pictureme employees. Nor am I sure about the tudes by the customers.
    But I do know this.. Everywhere I have worked I have always smiles and atleast pretended I liked my J.O.B.
    It's what pays my bills. I want every customer that comes in to feel welcome. I know how I feel when I go places & yes I can be a real pain in the bum too, but I am a paying customer then. So I do expect to be treated with respect. I am the reason they even have a job. Customers are what keeps business going. Without them You have NO JOB! Never while I am working have I ever talked bad about a customer, or another worker. Thats just ugly and rude! noone wants to hear about that.. and I would hope the employee will lose their job over that. Serious, if you do not like your job, or do not want to work Stay home! It will make life for others a whole lot better.

  • Ka
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    my first bad experience with the wal-mart portrait studio(apopka florida) was 2 years ago when i showed up for my appointment with 3 small children for pictures and found that the studio lights were malfunctioning so the studio was closed you would think that out of common courtesy that they would call to reschedule, the studio called ahead and sent me clear across town to another walmart to do pictures and was told that they had no one in the studio appointment wise. i rushed the kids back in the car we arrived at the studio to find that a large wedding party had shown up moments before so nevertheless i was there for almost 1 hour before our session started the kids by that time were restless and everything from that point went down hill the portraits were horrible and the employee was in no kind spirits for lending a hand i couldnt believe how many interruptions she had with her cell phone. i did contact a donna davis for a complaint on the matter. she was very cordial with 2nd. experience was this year in july when my nephew came from jacksonville and once again i scheduled an appointment for pictures (apopka florida walmart) and this time the studio was dark at 11:00 and no employees even bothered to show up for their shift!so here i am again another disasterous trip and once again i called the complaint line the lady i spoke to was very apologetic and offered me a complimentary 60.00 package of my choice for the all of the inconvience that it caused me. and that i could take advantage of the offer from then and clear to once again the 1st. of october i scheduled another appointment for my grandson the halloween background and a dressing change for a birthday portrait as well i was told by manager kim r. that could only get the add pack free and one 8/10 and 2 5/7 free of the birthday sittting and i was fine with that kim also stated to me that she would have everything at the studio for the october 6th. appointment in writting in reguards to her offer. and dont you know i get to the studio and the employee is scratching her head and has no idea of what im talking about and tries to contact her manager kim and neither one of us could reach her the employee explains the mess to another manager trina and she states that she has no knowledge of any complaint (by my name) and lets me know that the add pack was the only sitting she would give me for free.frustrated and angry i agreed to the holiday add and vigoursley tried to get back in touch with kim after i left her 4 messages and no returned calls i decided to take my grandson to olan mills for his birthday pictures. i will never go back to wal-mart in apopka for pictures and i will be glad to let family and friends know about my experience .in this day and age the way the economy is you would think that (picture me portrait studios) would strive harder for good customer service you cant even keep track of who is who and whos been fired or what.they deffently lost me as a long time customer. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BUISNESS>>>>

  • Ca
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    this is about picturce me stuido at walamart we have been taking our 8 months old grand son to get his picturce every month and i think they do a wonderful job i love the 2 girls (jen, and cant remember the other gals name )in the circleville, ohio office they take very good picturces and they are teally good they do what i ask them to do we will keep taking all (7) grandkids to them for all of are picturces needs keep up the great work

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