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Walmart Pharmacy / poor customer service - p.m.

1 Centerville roadWilmington, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 302-998-2626

My husband went into the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription that was to ready about 3:p.m.
When he got there they told him they got back from lunch late and it was not ready. They told him to come back at 5p.m. In the meantime; we got a call of an emergency nature and I checked to see if I had
enough meds to carry me over in case we were away longer than expected. I went over to Walmart to
pick up some travel necessities and the prescription. At about 7p.m. I picked up and paid for the RX and
went over to the customer service window. On my way; I noticed two girls who really weren't interested
in waiting on a older hispanic couple who were standing there forever until a younger man went over to assist them. I noticed that the tall white girlw/blonde hair was goofing around with her cell phone, while
we(people) stood in line waiting to be helped! And this brings me to the short black girl who finally got off
her- - -stool and waited on me. The reason I'm useing gender is because I could't see her name tag or if
she was even wearing one. The computer was in front of her instead of off to the side like the other employees place it. You could barely see her!!! I asked her if I could get a couple of refills on my meds and told her my circumstances and she told me " not until tommorrow" There was NO line at all by then
and she said "NO" but you can put in the order and MAYBE it'll be ready by closing!!! I asked her what she
thought I was supposed to do for 2 hr.? She just stared at me and I said "Never MIND' The more I walked
the angrier I got that She was so rude. I BET SHE DOESN'T SHOW THAT ATTITUDE WHEN SHE GETS HER PAYCHECK!!! The young man who is there during the day is what I call Great Customer Service
material... He made us feel that we were making a good decision switching all our meds with your
Pharmacy... As for this girl- - - without customers like me- - - she would't have a job... If she treats me
that way- - - - You can bet she does it to others. I won't let her wait on me again. The other employees
were just staring at her in disbelief but no one said anything... This kind of complaining is totally
against the kind of person I am. And- - - she"ll probably get away with it!!! Just Not with ME..

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      30th of Sep, 2015
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    I went to my primary physician on Sept. 30, 2015. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic (7 tablets in total) and also told me to purchase Flonaise nasal spray. The doctors office e-sent the order to Wal-Mart pharmacy in Fayette, Alabama 35555 before I even left the exam room. It took about 20+ minutes before I left the office, after setting up my next appointment, walked to my car and was ready to leave. I received a call from my husband. He asked me to wait for him - thus adding about another 20 minutes. When I arrived at the Wal-Mart location, I took a buggy, cleaned it with the wipes provided, picked up a rotisserie chicken, and went straight to the pharmacy window. There was one (1) customer ahead of me. She was checking out with her items as I stood in line for less than five (5) minutes. The associate at the register asked my name and date of birth. I provided her with my information. She stated that my prescription was NOT ready and would be about five (5) minutes. I went to the health and beauty aids department and gathered a few items. When I returned to the pharmacy I was told that my prescription was STILL NOT READY. She stated that the prescription was in the bagging stage and to return in another five (5) minutes, I looked around for about another 5+ minutes, Once again, returned to the pharmacy, my prescription was NOT ready and that the doctors office has sent another prescription (for Flonaise nasal spray) Silly me, I thought that Flonaise was over the counter. A different associate said that Flonaise was covered by my insurance. She also said that it was a larger bottle and would be a much lower cost than the OTC product. I agreed. SILLY ME!! No, STUPID ME, for trusting someone I don't know. Thesecond associate stated that it would take another fifteen (15) minutes. I proceeded to gather items from the grocery side. It took MUCH longer than fifteen (15) minutes. I went back to the pharmacy AGAIN. The pharmacist asked me how the doctor instructed me to take this medication. He did not mention any instructions nor the fact that they would be sending a prescription for Flonaise. I was under the impression (silly me) that the prescription would be filled and that I would call my doctor's office to get instructions on how to take this medication. I was not told that the prescription would NOT BE FILLED AS WRITTEN (BY A FULLY LICENSED M.D. WITH MORE THAN 40 YEARS IN PRACTICE). But was over ridden by a "Pharmacist" . I was exhausted by this point and anger does not cover the other things that I was thinking!! I did not look in the double bagged and multiple stapled package until I returned home. Much to my surprise, the Flonaise was not in the doubled bagged and multiple stapled package. I called the pharmacy to question the missing medication. I am unsure to whom I spoke to. Needless to say, she was way beyond rude and uncooperative. I was told that they had told me that they would not fill the prescription as written by my FULLY LICENSED PRIMARY PHYSICIAN. I informed them that there would be NO NEED TO FILL THIS PRESCRIPTION OR ANY OTHER PRESCRIPTION OF MINE FROM NOW ON!! By the way, I WILL NEVER GET ANY OTHER PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT THIS WAL-MART PHARMACY OR ANY OTHER WAL-MART PHARMACY. This is not the first time I have been screwed at a Wal-mart Pharmacy. IT WILL BE THE LAST!!! Because of the "F" job I got, instead, I am unable to take this medication that my doctor wanted me to start tonight (9/30/15). Now I am going to have to call and get another prescription (sent to a completely different pharmacy). Also, can you tell me why it took so long to get the antibiotic filled? It was only seven (7) tablets. Why on earth does it take that long to put seven (7) tablets in a bottle, place a label on it, place it in a bagging stage, and have it ready by the second five (5) minutes (a.k.a. the "F" job I got)? By the way. I will tell anyone and everyone that I know of the "F" job I got and encourage them to go somewhere else, anywhere else, to get their prescriptions filled. Wal-mart ain't the only game in town!!!

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      30th of Sep, 2015
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    P.S. As in my previous complaint, I failed to mention that I continued to shop in the grocery side. It took much longer than fifteen (15) minutes. I did mention that anger would not cover what I was thinking!! I thought it would not be prudent to voice my opinion at that time. That would make two (2) mistakes I made. The first was trusting someone I did not know!! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.. I will only go to a pharmacy that I do trust. No matter the distance I must travel.

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