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I have taking medication for going on 5 years now. I have run into theis problem for I can only guess thee 20the time??? When you fill your prescriptions at walmart, thee people who take your scripts from you or who look them up for you on their computer type cash register (to see if they have been filled) don't bother to keep any of your information quiet. I have what is called Badgercare (wisconsin's medicare) and when teey find out that is the source of your payment, you automatically get treated like trailer trash with rude comments and when you ask when your prescriptions will be done, I know about 10 people who were told "when we can get to them". When you come to pick them up, heaven forbid you have a co-pay because they make sure anyone in earshot knows what medicine you have and what that co-payment is. They always tell you that you should call around 2 or 3 days before your medications are out in case of pre-authorizations and in case they need to call the doctor for another refill. So you do what they ask you and if you have a prescription for say 6 monthes of refills, they wait until your last call in, when you come to pick up your medication, they will tell you "according to OUR records you should have 20 days of medication on you so we will NOT fill this until such and such a date" At the same time you are informed to toss or destroy your medications that are 30 days old????? So how do I get passed this now??? Its the most frustrating thing to have someone tell you can't have your medication because of their count, even if you are standing there with a prescription from your doctor??!?!?!?!? So now this time I went to see my doctor on friday, he asked when my refill day is and I told him Sunday so they sent the script over to Walmart. When I called on saturday afternoon to see if it was going to be available to pick up on Sunday (if they were open) they told me teat they were completely out of the medication and IF...IF????? IF I was lucky I'd have my medication by monday afternoon...and left it at that. I wasnt allowed to ask any questions... So you see, the pharmacy in this Ashland walmart is rude and unprofessional to us less blessed with money. But also, most of the ladies that work in customer service there are worse...they are more rude than the pharmacy...I think this whole store needs work, when I go to visit my mom in Cloquet Minnesota, their Walmart employees put my home town to shame...its annoying!!!

Mar 02, 2013
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  •   Mar 06, 2013

    I swear that was painful to read. Ok, let me get this straight...customers do not follow HIPPA law that is plainly posted all around the pharmacy and stand back while you are doing your transaction, so they hear your information. Second, when you are on a medication for 6 months, they tell you that you have to wait because you should have XX amount of pills left. Third, they tell you they will get to it when they can.

    Right? Ok.

    Number 1. The pharmacy personnel can tell customers all day long to stand back ( I know I do it all day everyday) and recite the law to them. It does not work. Customers feel they are allowed to do what they want when they want, and if you try to tell them anything, they kick up a fuss and complain. Therefore, it becomes YOUR responsibility to tell nosy customers to back up and get the hell out of your personal business. I do when I am the patient.

    Number 2. Medicaid, in fact, EVERY insurer will keep a log of how many pills you should have in a 180 day rotation. They do not count month to month, they count DAYS supply. if you are on a 30 days supply for 6 months, then in 6 months of filling you should have taken 180 pills. Now, if you are filling and it tells you that you should have pills left, then you need to ask yourself WHY. Because some months have 28 days (you would have 2 pills left), some have 30 days (no pills left) and some have 31 days (you would have none left). SOME medications you can fill up to a week early, BUT early refills COUNT in the rotation, therefore, when you feel a week early everytime, then by the time 180 days rolls around, you are at least 35 pills ahead of the schedule. CALL YOUR INSURANCE when the pharmacy staff tell you they can not fill. The insurance is what decides when you fill IF you are billing them for payment.

    Number 3. Every Walmart has a sign that says REFILLS WILL TAKE 24 HOURS. They do run out and sometimes they have to order. It happens at EVERY pharmacy.

    Please use your brain.Pharmacies are a BUSINESS in the BUSINESS to make MONEY. NOT filling scripts for the hell of it does NOT make them money. So when they tell you NO there is ALWAYS a good reason. ASK why, and LISTEN.

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      Mar 06, 2013

    Grammar and spelling nitpicking is frowned upon the my3cents society. You are going on report!!!

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  •   Mar 06, 2013

    Then please go back to my 3 cents.

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      Mar 06, 2013

    This is my3cents. We've taken over all consumer complaint sites.

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      Mar 08, 2013

    Communication is far more important then the accuracy of the spelling of a word.

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  •   Mar 08, 2013

    ROM, If a person can NOT spell, use proper grammar and punctuation, then that person can NOT effectively communicate. End of story. Go back to where you came frum.

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