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Walmart / motorized shopping carts

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Walmart Supercenter
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I have a complaint about the motorized shopping carts for the disabled and handicapped. My elderly mother MUST use them to shop. Today she had to leave the store in TEARS, without her groceries, because the battery died in the middle of her shopping! AND this has happened BEFORE! The carts need NEW BATTERIES! And the seats are too high on them. Since Walmart got rid of the Door Greeters, the carts do not get plugged in very often. Walmart thinks they're saving money, but now there's NO ONE to stop the shoplifters at the door. And they're also losing money because people like my mother CANNOT SHOP due to the UNRELIABLE CARTS!!! This is DISCRIMINATION against HANDICAPPED PEOPLE!!!
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N  2nd of Aug, 2012 by  User  Agree Disagree +3 Votes
How does your mother get to the store in the first place?
N  2nd of Aug, 2012 by  user  Best Best Advice Agree Disagree +5 Votes
Motorized carts are a courtesy, not an obligation. Your mother has the right to bring her own.
N  9th of Feb, 2018 by  User  Agree Disagree -1 Votes
@Brenda* Brenda I concur a stupid complaint
N  2nd of Aug, 2012 by  User  Agree Disagree -1 Votes
I have had that experience too, and I just let an employee know about the problem and they go and get me another cart and help me transfer the items in the basket to the other cart, then take the one that quit running back. It is no big deal. This would even happen when they had the door greeters. When shifts change the employees have no way of knowing how long the carts have been plugged in. My WalMart has a few brand new carts and this even happens with them. Also the people that were the door greeters still work there, only in different positions. As far as shoplifting goes, I don't worry about that. I'm sure enough of them get caught anyway because I frequently see cop cars pulled up to the doors. I have also seen elderly people come off the paratransit buses, alone in manual wheelchairs that they have to turn the wheels to operate, and they ask an employee to go with them to get the items that they need. It sounds like your mother needs to get a stiffer back bone and ask for help more often.
N  9th of Aug, 2012 by  User  Agree Disagree +2 Votes
Why couldn't your mother go get another cart or ask an employee to get one for her? If she was unable to finish her shopping because the battery died then how was she able to "get to and from" the store??? Makes no sense.
N  19th of Aug, 2012 by  User  Agree Disagree -1 Votes
You are a bunch of cold, heartless, uncaring people without an OUNCE of Compassion for the elderly!!! I'm glad You're not MY son or daughter, I'd hate to depend on you for anything! My sister used to work for Walmart and she KNOWS that motorized carts are provided by LAW, yes LAW, for the handicapped in the store!!! Get your facts straight! Also my mother CANNOT get an employee to bring her another cart when they ALL have dead or low batteries, the store doesn't have nearly enough carts! Also some door greeters do still work there, but they do NOT work at the DOOR! And since they do Not, I have not seen even ONE cop car there, and before, cops were there nearly every time I shopped! Shoplifting causes prices to rise, so you Should worry. It affects us ALL! And my mother Cannot afford her own motorized chair or cart, and she Cannot turn the wheels on a manual wheelchair due to crippling arthritis in her hands! She drives herself to the store but can barely walk from the car to the store. She has lung and heart disease and CANNOT stand on her feet very long at a time. She Must sit to shop. Someday you all WILL BE OLD and disabled, and how would you like it if people were cold and indifferent to YOU and your needs??????? Think about it. What goes around Comes around!
N  9th of Oct, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
@maxthecat I agree with you completely.
N  20th of Aug, 2012 by  User  Agree Disagree +2 Votes
maxthecat, Can you prove that all of the carts have low or dead batteries? Just how many carts do you think the store should have? They only have room for so many, and even the new ones occasionally have a low or dead battery. It happens. I have seen disabled people drive their own scooter or chair into fast food places and ask if there is a place they can plug it in while they eat, because the battery is really low. So even if you have your own and don't plug it in regularly you end up with a low or dead battery. The business does let them plug it in to recharge it. OK, being your mother must sit to shop, how does she get the items off the shelves? When I go shopping my developmentally disabled daughter goes with to get items off the shelf, plus she also is pushing a shopping cart, because everything we purchase won't fit in the basket on the cart.

I am 72 years old and am an insulin dependent diabetic, with diabetic nerve damage, plus arthritis, and both my shoulders are in very poor condition, and at this point in my life I refuse to have surgery, unless it is emergency surgery. I just spent an hour on the phone with tech support for my printer, and now my shoulders are done in for the day. I am probably just as old, maybe older than your mother. Because of pain, I can't stand on my feet long enough to peel two potatoes. Don't you dare lump me in with being cold and heartless.

If it was the law that the electric carts be provided for the handicapped, then all the stores would have them and believe me not all stores have the carts. I know people that can't shop in stores that they would like to because the stores don't provide the motorized carts. You think WalMart doesn't provide enough carts------how many does your Target, KMart, Shopko stores have? Here each one of those stores only have two, and they are large, busy stores too. Then there are the large stores that don't have any of these carts.

IF your mother is as disabled as you say she must be on medicare and they will buy a scooter or a chair for her, providing her doctor fills out the right paper work and says that she needs one. The paperwork takes about an hour to fill out and the patient has to be there at the time the doctor is filling out the papers. However, if your mother has her own, she would need to either have a lift on the back of her car, to transport the device, or else ride buses that have lifts.

Myself I think you are one of those people that just plain don't like WalMart and want to degrade them and maybe cause problems for them.
N  9th of Oct, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
@redhatterb71 You don't know enough about anyone posting here to make that conclusion. What's the problem? Do you own Walmart stocks.
A  30th of Mar, 2015 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I think it is beyond rude for anyone to call someone that is truly disabled.."FAT" because they need a motorized scooter. There are people that have them and there are people that don't because they can't afford them. People that truly need them, need them period! When you are in need of something and then you are told No because you are FAT then come back and write on here. Many people that need them are overweight because they are not able to lose the weight, whether it being because of illness or because of their medicines. You all better start thinking ahead because one day it will be you that is being told NO. You are suppose to treat people as you would want to be treated. Get it! I hope that all stores will have at least 10 carts if not more. That is not asking too much considering they are buying in your stores. Maybe you will think about this and realize that it is better to give then to receive. Maybe there will be less complaints and the world could be a little more brighter. Just remember your day in there shoes isn't too far away. Tears and sadness to all the ones that just want to have a fun day and it ends up ruining their week because someone wants to be mean. Does anyone remember the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"? Remember the parking lot scene. Funny but not realistic? It's how they truly feel though and it's real and it hurts!
N  30th of Mar, 2015 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
maxthecat, IF as you say your sister used to work for WalMart and KNOWS that these electric carts have to be furnished for customers to use while shopping, according to LAW, yes LAW, then why don't all the large stores have them? IF it was the LAW, then all the large stores would be required to have them. Just because somebody has worked at WalMart doesn't mean they know all about the LAW.
N  30th of Mar, 2015 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I just looked up the ADA laws and they state that no business is required to provide wheelchairs or the electric carts/chairs. That is strictly optional, as a courtesy. maxthe cat, I know from experience that medicare will buy a power chair/scooter for people that are on medicare, providing your mother's doctor fills out all of the paperwork properly and while the paperwork is being filled out, your mother has to be in the doctor's office while the paperwork is being filled out. The paperwork takes almost an hour to complete. IF your mother's doctor feels she needs one of these devices she will get the device. I'm assuming from all of your ranting and raving that your mother is old enough to be on medicare and if not, IF she is as bad off as you say she is on disability. Also maybe some of her angelic, adult kids should be helping her with her errands. If the store employees aren't willing to help her, she is the one that has the problem, maybe a poor attitude.
D  8th of Mar, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I disagree with all the crap tha comes out of people who hasn't experience anything like before. and for anyone to make such a negative comment that your choice, watch what you say you might end up just with those harsh words.people are all different and have different disabilities, one must always think of others and YES they should be taken care of with kindness and loveit what God wants.That why We fall short of God Glory>Help the Lord.they know not what they say..God Bless You All
D  25th of Mar, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
I am a Walmart employee, and it's sad to say, 99.9% of the people who use them don't need to be. If you can walk from your car to the entrance without anything you don't need one. All you may need is a rollIng kart for support not one to sit down on, all that proves is your lazy. Their also not suppose to leave the store and to be plug up after each use but we cannot keep customers from leaving the store with them even if it's raining outside and you think weather doesn't take it's toll on the karts it does. Going from cold to warm wears out batteries fast and so will long periods of time in rainy weather.
D  27th of Mar, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree -1 Votes
when we as people have compassion for ones disability is not of GOD and that why people like that conutinue to to be cold hearted and it ok.buit remember watch what you say..for you might end up like the ones you talk bout or your love one the tongue is to be cut of in the eyes if GOD>no wonder we kept falling SHORT of your own comings...bless your heart
A  30th of Mar, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Amen. Like this.
N  23rd of May, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
I have never read so many rude uncaring opinions. Where is Jesus in your lives?
N  12th of Dec, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Max, I certainly agree with you. Please try to forgive most of the ignorant posters here, as they have no idea what they're talking about. I will soon be 70 years old. I have not only arthritis, but a bulging disc and many other problems in my back. I have to sit straight up in a chair, or suffer terrific pains. I am constantly trying to keep going, as after having been a nurse for almost 30 years, I have seen first hand, the people who give up and just eat pain pills. I have been determined not to be one of them. Believe it or not, driving my car is one of the few things I can do without pain; I drive whenever I can, as it helps to make me feel a little more independent.
With all that said, I am NOT able to walk around Walmart and shop. I use a cane, and have tried to buy a little by just using their regular shopping carts; I pay the price by hurting for the next two days. It is not worth it. On several of my trips, I saw 4 carts broken down at the front of the store. The greeter told me that they only had five operable carts in the entire store. This has happened on more than one occasion. I have written letters to Walmart, and am yet to receive even an acknowledgement that they got my complaint.
They don't mind taking my money, yet there are always broken carts up front. I thoroughly agree with you. America is graying, but we still need to shop. I have about decided to start shopping in smaller stores, where I don't have all the walking to do. If it were not for my husband, I don't know what we would do.
Your mother is fortunate to at least have you. Stand by her, as you only get one mother in this life. God bless.
N  12th of Dec, 2016 by  user  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Buy your own cart. Why should any business spend that kind of money to buy new or repair carts that the customers insist on destroying? Yes, you people destroy them. You let your kids play with them, you take them outside when it clearly tells you not to, you leave them out in the sun and rain, and even sleet and snow, then complain that they do not work. They put them on the charger with a sign on them to not use, and you take the sign off and grab the cart anyway, then complain that it stopped in the middle of your shopping trip.

How about you be smart? Obey the dang signs. Stop abusing the things and they will work. Or, you can buy your own and bring it with you. Those carts are not cheap, but no store is required to have them.
N  13th of Dec, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Do not like broken down carts, Easy go to competition that has better carts.
N  15th of Dec, 2016 by  User  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
Walmart or other stores have a profit to make if they could realize the amount of people that are coming up that need a cart'
About 10 years ago when I would shop with my parents I would help my mom find a cart.Sometimes the carts were at the other door or left in the parking lot.I think it would be good to put a person in charge of the carts they could work with the greeter.
Now I have a bad hip and a knee on the other leg from a car accident and I have to use a cart.
There is now law saying stores have to have electric carts. But if disabled and old can't get around and shop then nobody gets a benefit. The customer can't get what they want and the store doesn't make any money. There is a lot that can be done to improve the shopping experience. Just think about it! I have :)
N  10th of Oct, 2017 by  user  Agree Disagree +1 Votes
@sunflowerman Being old and disabled does not make you special. Buy your own cart if you need one.
N  21st of Oct, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
We go to Target mostly now...they have a TON of mobility carts & charged!!! Walmart doesn't seem to have or care as well. Therefore I don't "care" to support their business! It's THAT simple. So, it may or may not be " a law" but courtesy can go a long way.
N  24th of Oct, 2017 by  user  Agree Disagree -1 Votes
@Shane Jones Bye Felicia.
A  27th of Nov, 2017 by  User  Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Riding carts in Walmart stores are dirty, some have half wheels, and the battery life is a joke. Yes, employees have rescued in many aisles when the battery has die. But that is not the point. If you off these carts, they should be reliable for my visit, not just to for five minutes and die.
I have seen teenagers riding them and racing each other up and down aisles and employees just watch as if to see who is gonna win.
I have my personal cart, but by the time I load and unload, I’m exhausted.

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