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Walmart Money Card / poor customer service

1 P O Box 2032Aiken, SC, United States Review updated:

I recently made a purchase with my money card, then had to cancel the order, QVC put the request back the day after I canceled my order (3-9-09), but when I called your costomer service center and I use that term loosely, I was told the funds would not be back on the card until (3-19-09), I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no supervisor was available and was put on hold for 20 minutes then HUNG-UP ON, I was on my cell phone and burned the minutes, just to be
hung-up on, so I called back and again was told no supervisor was avaiable, at this point I became out-raged, so the rep. hung-up on me again. I am going to use the remaining funds on my card then CUT IT IN HALF AND NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR COMPANY AGAIN!!!

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  • B3
      17th of May, 2009
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    Been there - had the SAME thing happen to me. Their customer service is a joke. They HOLD your money until they decide they want to release it. RIDICULOUS.

  • Se
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    OMG, the same thing is happening to me; i placed an order on the 15th of August then saw the same product that came with a kit on the 16th. They said "no problem we'll cancel the order and replace” what they didn't say was that there was a hold on my account for the first order. So when they did the reordered they put another hold on my account. There were two holds for 7 days and here come the hurricane of overdraft fees; I couldn't even transfer money from my savings account because the bank only allows 6 transfers. well I called on the 18th sent over a fax from my bank to corporate req a refund on the OD/Fees and it was denied, not only that but on the 19th they canceled my order with out my knowledge, they told me that someone said "there is no Melinda at this number, helloooo "it was my cell phone" and every time i called they knew exactly who i was before I could tell them who I was!!! I spoke with Inez in corporate and she told me that qvc could not verify my account information, my phone number and also said they left me messages on my cell phone that supposedly was not my phone number?!?! but wait on the 18th i sent them a fax from my bank about the overdraft fees so besides all of this I am still out 180.00 and no product, Inez said that the would not refund me the OD/Fees, nor would they discount the product 180.00. And i could not sign back up with QVC with out clearing "this up" which “they” caused. So basically what she is telling me is that an inquiry for there product cost me 180.00!!! HOWS THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I work of the police dept. here in Austin and you bet your 180.00 worth that EVERONE WILL KNOW WHAT HAPPEND AND I STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT DOING BUSINESS W/QVC!!! IF anyone has any sugesstions on what i should do please do not hesitate to email me

  • Ja
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    Wal Mart repeatedly held my money and flat out lied about their charge for loading my card, the contract said that it was free if you cashed a check. When I tried I was refused by the sales clerk and denied for twenty minutes to speak to the manager. I know that $3.00 is a small amount for me but when a company does it to thousands of its customers it's big money. I feel that a class action suit would in order. I am also writing to the Federal Trade Commission for illegal and fraudulent practices. Please email if you agree.

  • Sh
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    I agree this so called company would not even activate this card for my son (he is 16) they said I needed to give my information to get it activated, so I agreed because this was his Xmas gift. After being on hold for over 45 minutes just to be hung up on and the next person I got said they could not verfiy my account (ok it's my name and social and birthday) that the system automatically closed the account and will send me a refund check in 10 business days. Which means my son has to wait 10 more days to enjoy his Xmas! I asked for a supervisor and he was RUDE there's nothing I can do your out of luck and he hung up on me! What kind of place is this? whatever happend to Customer Service???? this makes me not even want to go to WalMart again after all of this drama! this is the company you trust with your customers???? So awful!!!

  • Gr
      13th of May, 2010
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    This is a disaster! My card was stolen so they claimed they would report it''compromised'' and i would receive another in 7-10 Business days. It been a 5 weeks since then and they have had the nerve to cancel my account!!! They ought to be ashamed. They lie to me on the phone when i call abd they need to be taught a lesson.

    To contact go to and email 'theflagmaker'

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