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My eight year old son really wanted to be Mario for Halloween because his twin brother was going to be Luigi. I saw another parent take the last Mario costume. They said that their son really wanted to be Mario as well, their son was not with them so I asked the parent to lie and tell his son that the Mario costumes were all out. After all his son was not in the store with him. (With his attitude I bet he was divorced and was just buying the costume for his son to win him over so he will like his father over his mother and the reason the son was not with him was because he was with his mother). I even offered this man double, triple the amount that the costume was for. Then he refused to give it to me. I then went to talk to a CSM. She told me that he had the costume first and there was nothing really that she could do about it. I even offered to pay extra for the costume so that they can make an extra profit. They said they cannot do that. I told them the last time an item scanned at the wrong price they overrid it and gave it to me for cheaper. They still would not give me the costume. So I had to look for other twin costumes for my son. He was really disappointed in not getting the costume that he wanted since January. They had other Mario costumes but not in my son's size. Finally they agreed to go as Harry Potter and Ron Weasley for their twin themed costumes.

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  • Jo
      Mar 02, 2013

    Um ... Are you serious? You're blaming WALMART for another man's wanting a costume for his son?
    It doesn't matter the reason, the man had it first. Suck it up and move on.
    Walmart does NOT hate children! They just don't accommodate petty arguments between parents.
    You should have gone sooner to get your costume, it's not their fault you waited and couldn't get your son the costume he wanted.
    Walmart is a retail STORE, not some person trying to sell one of THEIR possessions in a garage sale!

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