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Both my son and daughter were given the cards as christmas gifts from my brother in law and we called the telephone # on the sticker to activace the cards. They tried several times to use the cards and were denied their transactions several times. I called the # and they wanted to charge to speak to a customer service person so I said no I would check with my brother in law to find out how to use it. I spoke with him and he couldnt understand what the problem was either. The cards were put on the side and never used each card had 25.00 on them. As I cleaned out some papers I discovered the cards once again and realized they expire this month 8/09 so I went on line to see the balance so they bring you through all this crap about they have to text you the balance which I find a crook because what if we did not have texting on our cell phones. They texted us back to tell us to register the cards whic I have done twice already. I resorted to calling the customer service # because I figured 2.00 for the call ok if the card expires they will loose it all. I finally get throug all automated mind you, I never spoke to one live person, the machine now tells me there is no money on one card and the other is over drawn by 9.00. These cards are a rip off the children never used the cards at all. Can you imagine the money these people are making off of people. If 1, 000, 000.00 by these cards and the same thing happens to them they have made 25, 000, 000.00. The card is a rip off the system they have is a rip off and the idea of this being legal is a rip off.. If anyone knows how to resolve this issue let me know please. [protected].

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  • Ho
      13th of Feb, 2010

    DO NOT BUY FOIL WALMART VISA GIFT CARDS!!! Unless you like throwing away $50 and $100 at a time to companies who make their money by stealing from Americans! That may be their American Dream, but not ours.

    I just opened a Walmart visa gift card
    'Gold' $50 02.13.2010. IT was given to me by my sister for Xmas. I finally remembered to bring it today and happened to open it at the customer service department right in front of them. IT WAS EMPTY INSIDE except for the paper cardholder agreement! THERE WAS NO CARD!! They said they could do nothing at all! NOT even a phone call. I had to get my sister's receipt for the gift card and take it to the store it was purchased from was all they said they could tell me. IT WAS EMPTY; how can I prove it was never IN there, I asked them? You are my witness, I said.

    So I went home already knowing how this is going to turn out. I called the given number on the foil package and the inside card agreement at 9PM at night and of course they were supposedly inundated with calls at that moment and had me hold (music)and then eventually they hung up on me. So what do we do when the public is being stolen from by Walmart and GE Finance Banking $50 and $100 at a time? That's a lot of money, America! I guess the only choice is the Better Business Bureau, and of course our local news channel. It's our only recourse!

    Honest, Single Mom in AZ.

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