Walmart / I believe this is a widescale scam operating by walmart

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This scamming I am reporting now occured today March 22nd at 8 pm.
I am a canadian living in Ottawa. While surfing the internet, a walmart webpage popped-up. In that page, I was invited to fill a survey with the chance of participating in a 1000.00 shopping lottery at walmart. As a regular customer at walmart, I agrred to participate in the survey. The survey lead from one question to another until it seemed that something was misleading in the survey page. I found that the survey page has automatically changed from walmart to MOBSHACK. I was asked to fill in my address and my phone number which I did. Then another page appeared and asked me to click "YES" if I want to subscribe to celebrity news and that I will be charged $10.00 on my cell phone bill. I immediately realized this was a scam and I closed the page right away without clicking on the "YES" button. To my astonishment, I received a text message on my cell phone informing me that I will be chatged $10.00 on my phone bill: but I never subscribed.

I believe this is a widescale SCAM operating by Walmart and MOBSHACK to extort 10.00 from each walmart customers.
I would request you to seriously look into this issue, as I can see many other people have lodged their complaints online about same issue...before more walmart customers get ripped-off of their 10.00 dollars.

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  • Fo
      Nov 23, 2012

    I don't take part in any of those surveys that pop on the businesses web sites. Anytime I have done so, I get harassing phone calls from different places wanting to sell me something, etc. When I tell the caller I never asked for them to call me with more information, they in turn would ask me if I had filled out any online surveys recently. When I had, it was usually so long before that I had forgot.

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  •   Nov 23, 2012

    It is a widespread scam and Walmart did not do it. When you are gullible enough to click on any page that offers you free money for nothing you deserve to get taken. This is a very common scam and there are hundreds of reports and tons of warnings about it.

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  •   Nov 23, 2012

    Wal-mart does not sell services on random pop-ups across the internet.

    Have you contacted your provider and blocked more texts from mobshack?

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  • Ra
      Nov 23, 2012

    So, today is "March 22nd" in Canada? I know your thanksgiving is on some day in our October, but never dreamed youins were months out of wack with the rest of the world. wow. Was that a UN mandate?

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  • No
      Nov 23, 2012

    I feel like I'm repeating myself. Some of these complaints are so stupid they amaze me. The amount of frivolous whining boggles the mind.

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  •   Nov 25, 2012

    Notgonna, you ain't seen nothing yet. Just keep reading. Some of these complaints will just blow your mind.

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