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Wal Mart Grocery offers all night shopping, but at 8 or 9pm there are only 1 or 2 checkers. This has been going on for 2 years or more.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Worth, TXThe lines are way too long and the check out is slo...w. I have expected others to complain, but if they have, nothing has been done about it!!!

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  • Mr
      Jul 16, 2009

    Sweety, there is a fine difference between "the customer is always right" and "the customer is a spoiled brat."

    At the four stores I've shopped at (one of which I work for), they typically shut down most of the registers for security reasons at 12:00. The primary reason is that one CSM cannot manage five or six registers and still be expected to get the other tasks (including fixing up all the messes that you, our beloved customer, make.) completed.

    There is also a practical reason behind this: between 12:00 and 7:00, we average a rough total of 150 check outs between the two registers we leave open.

    Too many times, when I'm running a register, I'll have a customer standing in a line of maybe three people ### about how long they're having to wait. The average checkout time is approximately 2 minutes (speedy register) or 5 minutes (belt register.) but these people cannot wait the ten minutes necessary to get checked out.

    The solution is simple: if you don't like waiting in a short line overnight, wait in a long line during the day, and stop yelling at us underpaid, already mistreated Wal-Mart skeleton crew minions.

    P.S: On a vindictive note, the proper procedure for checking out when lines get two long is as follows: call managers to front of store to help with lines, then call for stockers to serve as "backup cashiers". Next time you are in a ten minute line and can't wait, demand that you speak to a manager, and when he arrives, demand that he checks you out. You'll get an appreciative chuckle out of the other two cashier's stationed there.

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  • Ti
      Sep 15, 2009

    The Wal-Mart grocery in the complaint is on Meadowbrook Dr. in Fort Worth. The time of the occurrences is between 8pm and 9pm on Sat. and Sun. nights and the lines are 8 to 12 deep. After waiting 20 minutes and getting no closer to check out, I walked out mad!!
    There is no excuse for this! It happens every weekend!!
    I don't know where you work and shop, but it certainly is not at this store or at these times, so do not as tho you are an authority.

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  • Be
      Jun 04, 2012

    Not only are the lines long but check out is held at a small "so many items, or less" lane. I deeply feel sorry for the 75 (or older) yr old cashier that is lifting and scanning heavy items with no help, as the other cashier is busy with her lane. The result was I had to pull my scanned grocery's that was placed in the bags, off the spinner and place them on the floor until my shopping cart was empty of my selections. I then had to lift all my grocery bags off the floor and back into the cart. Another annoyance, I understand that floors need to be waxed and what not, but a few grocery isles were roped off and closed down and the smell of the chemicals was enough to knock any one over. Previous"open" Isles must have recently had the floors done, as it was noticeable that some of the liquid chemical was on the shelf's, spoiling the produce. I seen the last box of Rice Milk leaking due to it. Among my purchases I was ground hamburger and a coconut in which were both spoiled only noticeable after I drove my 30 miles back home. The coconut was heavily molded inside (opened the next day after purchase) and meat smelled spoiled ( opened right away to portion) to place into freezer bags). So I am calling to see if I can be refunded my spoiled produce, I surly can bring with me the spoiled produce to!!

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