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Walmart / Discover Ge Money Bank / late fee fraud!

LA, United States Review updated:
I used a Walmart-Discover card to consolidate, with a payment of 238.00 per months on 5/17/07 I got a late fee of 39.97 which was an error and after speaking with Wal-mart they refunded the fee. Each bill after that I incurred a monthly late fee. on 6/15/07 I make a payment of 238.00 and was never credited on my account. I filed a dispute which had to be sent to the dispute office for research, after several months I was credited on 11/07. I called to speak with walmart manager & was told that I need to pay 321.00 and my bill will be current. three days later I get a phone call from GE Money Bank stating I owe 601.00 and was behind of 108.00 and a total payment of 601.00. I have receipts to show that I have been paying on time every month besides the dispute bill.


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  22nd of Dec, 2007
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File a dispute first with the credit card issuer in writing and save all of your paid reciepts as if you have paid on time then it should be no problem if you are making the monthly minimal payments but credit cards really add up in finance charges each month as I would maybe look into taking out a personal loan through your bank to get the best lower interest rate then pay off that credit card. Good luck and hang in there.
  9th of Jan, 2008
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I have a different problem. My last bill was for $88 which I paid $70. I was charged $2.45 in interest. It was explained to me by several customer service reps that finance charge is calculated in average daily balances not to the outstanding balance (on $139). In other word, they were charging me for purchases I made that were not due as yet. The real finance charge should have ben 35 cents. The $2.45 is actually about 60% interest not the 21% advertised. This is a TOTAL RIP OFF. How can a company associated with Wal-mart and Discover charge you a finance charge for an amount that is not due as yet??? The CSR keep repeating that she was sorry that I did not understand what "daily average balance means". Do you need to be a rocket scientist in order to understand that this means RIP OFF???? Is this ethical or legal? Can I do anything to prevet this from happning to someone else?
  11th of Feb, 2008
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Me and my husband went in December 2007 to purchase a $1491.52 television. When I received my first bill it was over $4,000.00. I was charged for 3 televisions and overlimit fees plus finance charges when we weren't suppose to be charged any if the balance was paid off in a year. Called to get this right with customer service and it was suppose to be fixed. Got my second bill today, the only thing refunded was the overlimit fee. My husband is calling them again today. Still owing over $3,000.00 for a $1400.00 television... This is the worst credit card company in my opinion... this is the last time we purchase anything with a walmart discover card. The customer service people are terrible...
  16th of Jul, 2008
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Wal-Mart is messing around in an area they are not qualified to be in. They just lend their brand and get the kick back. GE is the worst; they are also not a bank, but a service. Discover is on the bottom of the CC business for a reason. As a merchant Discover charges are a constant problem. The don't seem to be in the main stream with the rest of the sharks. Dump them before they hurt you more than they have. It is interesting to see the surprises; how can they do this etc. Well they do and they can, and they will until somebody stops them. Unfortunately there is no regulation and the credit card business in the USA is worse than any loan shark, finance company or how even the mafia would treat you. The modern mafia is Mastercard and Visa.
  31st of Aug, 2008
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GE Discover credit card used by Sam's club and Walmart puts the stamp of customer dissatisfaction as far as dealing with other wise good retailers like Walmart and Sam's club. Walmart champions customer centered attitude towards their clients, yet by dealing with G.E.' Discover they deliver you (the customer) to a company who perfects the art of deceiving users of the Walmart/sams discover with 21% charges. I set up account alerts (on a delayed billing promotion) and G.E. does not inform the cutomers, rather they hope you miss it for a year and they soak you with terrible charges. G.E.'s reputation is terrible, a lot of people know that, but why Walmart and sams deliver their loyal customers to such a terrible company (G.E.) is a mystery! What a rip off. WallMart treat your customers right and free them from such a terrible credit card company who is out to milk and rip off your cutomters... SHAME on you.
  18th of Oct, 2008
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I wish to cancell my credit card. I have already destroyed it. #6011 3100 0677 4522
  2nd of Sep, 2009
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kar. s i have walmart discover for about fore years and i never had any trouble with them. i have been paying off my balance of $400.00 from last christmas because i dont have $400.00 to pay off so i paid $20.00 for a few months no problem there, then $40.oo
and up more. now im down to $200.00. in july i went down to walmart two days before it was do. i had the money, just forget my discover card and statement and i asked the man if he would take my DMV pitch ire ID card for proof to pay my card and he said no. I asked him why' not' JCpenny and all other big stores do it he said he didn't know i said that's the best source of ID there is. i went back the next day and paid it. i called them and explained it to them and they removed the late fee.
i just got my bill for september walmatr/GEmoney is charging me $29.98 late for not paying the minimum amount that was due for $36.00 august of last month as i paid $30.00 plus they charged me $6.00 past due. i called walmart and told them that this is a SCAM!!! and i am calling the FCC, FTC, FDIC, THE OFFICE OF THE CURENTCY, OFFICE OF THRIFT SUPPER VISION, TRANSUNION, EXSPEIRIAN, EQAFAX WITCH ARE THE THREE CREDIT REPORTING AGANCYS.
if you have any of these problems, call the FTC" FEDERAL trade commision 1877382-4357, FCC 1888 call fcc. also call the three cerdit reporting agancys this puts the other guys on the spot and they will put a red flag on your credit report account to look out for fraud and scams.
  14th of Mar, 2010
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I have a walmart Discover also! I have never been late on a payment, I have always paid more than min. amount due!! Matter of fact I started with a 2500.00 dollar credit. I have other cards as well that are always current or paid off! In the last year they lowered my Credit twice. I now have a credit limit of 1760.00. My point to this is they do not inform you of that and you go to use your card and it is denied in front of lots of people very embarrasing and bad business. I wonder why in this economy that people like me pay on time and are not late in fact I usually pay min of 500 a month on my card and they decide to lower my credit. I will not use this card anymore and will pay the balance I owe off within the next 2 months and will cancel altogether. Walmart Corp you suck!
  24th of Dec, 2010
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I have a Sams Club business discover card issued by GE bank which pays 2% cash back for every dollar spent. I use it for my business purchases. Recently they lower the amount on you earn 2% on from $1M to $250, 000. I had to make cash payments to continue using card, any payment by check would be put on hold for 3-4 weeks even the check would clear in 3 days but GE bank would not release the funds so I don't use my card so I had to make more cash payments to use the card. They distribute the rewards in february that you earn December thru November. Just last week I tried to use my card and it declined so I called Customer service and found out that the account was closed that morning for unusual paymnet activity and it cannot be reopened. I think this was done so they don't have to write me a check for $18000 which I have earned until november. The terms says that no rewards check will be issued if the account is closed before issuing the check for any reason, but my question is can they close my account for making extra payments or is it just a way for them to avoid paying me this big sum of money. I believe I followed all of the terms of the contract made payments on time.
  5th of May, 2011
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Umm Hey idontcare2 - whats the matter, did your mama tell you you are better than everyone else you freakin idiot. Please shop somewhere else - try online so we don't have to deal with the likes of you or Mr. Rickardo - - When you get pulled over to you tell the freakin cop that you don't have to show your license - you're special and go only by the rules that are governed by the voices in your head!!! Idiots like you make the world of giving "Good Customer Service" a bad rap you big crybaby...And I'm sure the little old man was screaming at you - that was the voices in your freakin head.
  5th of May, 2011
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Regarding the Sams Club discover - - I had one that we used for our business - there were only two authorized users for the card me and my husband. We did have individuals that had cards under our business name but had no credit buying power - - -Every month we would call the 1800 number and get a payoff on the card and when we went in at the end of the month we would pay it off. A year later we decided to not use the card and utilize cash for all of our business purchases - - well I receive a phone call at my business telling me that I was late on payments and that I needed to make a payment via the phone - of course I was there when we paid the card off and so I figured it was a scam phone call - - so I go home and get my card and call the number - the lady went through all my statements and said that I had no balance due and didn't know who called. A few weeks went by and I again get the phone call that I am behind on my payments - I take the ladies name and number and go home and call the 1800 number again and go over what I had just been told. Low and behold I was finally given an answer - -The credit card company had given me "sub accounts" - now sometimes when I purchased stuff it went into my account and sometimes it was put into this so called sub account - when I call the number on my card for a payoff it doesn't include the amount on the "sub accounts" even though my card was the "main" payer for the account - they said "I should have known" - now sub accounts are for individuals who are given the right to purchase under my name for my business - no one had this and no one made any purchases - The problem was that I was paying of my account every month and they were not getting any interest rate monies until I quit using the card and the "sub accounts" can to be late - Otherwise I would never have known they existed. This company is a total rip off - DO NOT UTILIZE the Discover Card Credit Card service from Sams...They will rip you off.

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