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We stopped in to Walmart to buy a head of lettuce for dinner. We chose the best looking one from a batch of fairly poor looking lettuce heads. When we got home and peeled off the first leaf, the whole head of lettuce was rotten all the way through. The next day, we went back to Walmart and exchanged the lettuce and asked to see the manager and the produce manager. After a long wait, someone showed up, but refused to supply her business card. It is not the $1.50, that bothers me. It is the time it takes to go to the store and come back and the lost meal, that is the problem. You hope you can trust your food source to provide healthy food, but apparently, you can not trust Walmart. I was told on the phone by their store manager that Walmart does not hire produce managers, so there is no one with the expertise and training to prevent putting out rotten food for sale to the customer. One would think that this represents a huge liability to Walmart and worth hiring appropriate, trained people. Apparently, not. I will get my food from a more reputable grocer from now on.

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  • So
      Jun 22, 2011

    I can relate. Our local produce stand has grown into a huge thriving business because we can't find good produce in any chain store here, whether it be a grocery or supercenter.

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  • Ka
      Jan 22, 2013

    The walmart here is horrible when it comes to food i have seen steak with green mold being sold at managers special peperoni also with mold on them lettuce that was black and slimy... there is never help when you need it and one time i slipped in walmart and seriously hurt my ankle while walking to a check out and what did the walmart employees do just stop and stared didn't get a manager or even asked if i was ok my husband had to carry me out because i couldn't opinion about walmart is they are worthless pieces of crap and i am surprised they still in business .i will never go back to walmart and will never ever refer any one to shop there ever

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  • Ja
      May 20, 2016

    the lazy employees should be checking inventory passively and also you need to look at produce closely before purchase as oxidation and rotting can occur within a few hours.

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  • Ca
      Jun 07, 2016
    Wal-Mart / Deep Fried Turkeys - Refund not paid
    POPEYES Chicken
    United States

    On November 16th I ordered 6 fried turkeys for a staff luncheon for the administrators of my high school. I asked if I could pick up the birds by 10 am on the 23rd so we could have them sliced by the 11 am dining time. Both the employees and myself thought the meat would come ready to carve and eat. When I arrived on the 23rd the birds were no where to be found. Finally at 10:20 the manager went to a nearby store and brought them back. He advised me at that time that they would have to be heated. I was now 10:50 and we were to serve at 11:00. I paid $259.74 with my own bank card expecting to be reimbursed from the school later. When I arrived back at the school to unload the closed boxes (which he had so very kindly loaded onto my car) I found the birds frozen solid. Not only did they need heating but they would require at least 2 days thawing! I drove back to the store and gave back the turkeys and demanded a refund. I was advised he would have to check with the "head office". The next day I returned at 5:00 to received the return/deposit slip that would return the money to my bank account. It has now been three weeks and the money is no where to be found. I have called the customer service number on the web page and it is not viable. I can't email the corporate offices because my computer has a pop-up blocker and I would have to disable it to use their site. I am planning to return to the store manager this week, but he did what he was supposed to do and now I am left with a "return slip" and $259.74 short at Christmas!! The school had to run to Wal-Mart and spend even more money buying 20 cooked chickens for our dinner. Thank heaven for Wal-Mart, but they are obviously not going to give me money for something none of us received!

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  • Lo
      Feb 26, 2019

    Just got rotten Veal from Walmart today...opened up the package, meat looked discolored after leaving it over night in the fridge to use for dinner the next day. And it smelled rancid, rotten, and it was slimy. I still can't get that smell out of my head. It's making me nauseous as we speak.

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  • Lo
      Feb 26, 2019

    @Logan 48 Sorry, I made a typo. I meant to say I got the Veal the day before, and opened it the next day.

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  • Je
      Apr 28, 2019

    I am done with Walmart produce, this is going on $50 of food rotten on arrival that looked fine at the store. I am convinced the whole company is just a giant money grab with absolutely no ethics or pride of ownership involved.

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  • Gl
      Jul 28, 2019

    i have been shopping at walmart in stroudsburg pa for years and i always end up with some form of rotten meat the last time it was chicken...fed up so i did some research only to find their ranch mentioned on the package does not exist moreover walmart is participating in sweat shops in warehouses hiring cheap labor and overcharging for rotten meat..where the hell is the board of health in all this..they only have 2 registers open at any given time so the line is long and they have self checkout that always denys a reading and shouldnt they pay the consumer for running the register.

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