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I was checking out using the self-checkout. When I scanned 2 cases of soda and one case of water without bagging them, the register stopped and said to wait for help. That has happened to me before and that's not what bothered me. Having to wait several minutes for someone to come help when a worker and her manager were training or experimenting in the aisle next to me was not acceptable. Finally, when helped, the cashier double-checked the items against those appearing on the screen to validate they were all scanned properly. After finishing my purchase, I found the register receipt was jammed and didn't print properly. The cashiers normally will print another when they fix the jam but not this cashier. She allowed the next person to finish scanning. THEN (and here is the good part)...after the next person (who was with me) finished scanning their items and got their receipt, the very same cashier asked if we paid for the soda on the bottom of the cart. I reminded her that she double-checked that earlier and showed her my crumpled receipt. The cashier evidently has no recollection lasting longer than 10 minutes and wouldn't let us leave. She called her manager and the manager got confused thinking I was complaining about not getting my receipt. I explained three times and couldn't get it through their heads. The cashier who wouldn't let us leave finally left the register and the manager kept trying to tell me how I could come back to the store the next day to get my receipt printed out. I was beginning to think I was on Candid Camera! I think I'll stay away from Walmart until they get better self-check software and cashiers who bring their minds to work with them!

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  • Jo
      14th of Sep, 2010

    Walmart hires poorly educated people who are obviously not NASA material.You can thank the school system for turning out these under achievers who think that Walmart is such a good place to work.If monkeys could talk and stock shelves, Walmart would replace the workers and pay them bananas instead of minimum wage//

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