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walmart employee

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I was in Moses Lake, Wa walmart at 1:00 pm today and marjori on till 1 was realy rude so I fo
und the floor manager and told her about being upset with the way I was treated. And the managers responce was as rude as the employee. I own a business with 12 employers and if any one of my people treated my customers like I was treated they would have been fired on the spot. Moses Lake store is known for this. A lot of locals drive 18 miles to Ephrata to shop. WHAT SO HARD ABOUT TREATING PEOPLE NICE IN THESE BAD TIMES. THERE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE LOOKING FOR JOBS. I AM SCHOCKED THAT THE FLOOR MANAGER CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM ED WHITE 1952w. log cabin rd Worley, Idaho 83876

PS has walmart though about hiring a person to go from store as a shopper that nobody knows an see how they are treated and NO I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB
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N  24th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Walmart needs to invest in mystery shopper that uses credit cards. On they headquarters personnell is a joke as well as my locate store employeess. And they wonder why the customers are rude at walmarts. Dealing with the clerks are well as the assisant managers who want to be managers are wow--- let the mind wonder with this
N  24th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
agree! customers service training would work wonders!
N  28th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just got hired at Walmart ( I lost my last job and am in desperate need of an income) and I found that during orientation they stressed how important the customers are more than any other thing. I myself am seasoned in retail, and I believe fully in helping customers. I am always friendly and courteous, and I don't bring any personal issues to work with me. I always got compliments from my last place of work, and customers asked for me on a regular basis. I find Walmart to be very different from my last job. For one thing, the assistant manager and a few of the other employees sure don't know how to treat fellow employees. I have never dealt with such rude people in my entire life! I can only imagine how they treat customers, as I have never seen them interact with customers. (Yet.) My stomach hurts just thinking about having to go into that hell hole in the morning, and I can't wait until I find another job so I can hightail it out of there as quickly as possible! Still, the bills must be paid. I just wish I didn't have to work with such hypocrites.
A  11th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
and they use mystery shoppers to harass people. I was taking too much time reading the nutrional labels of food because my husband is allergic to gluten, and the mystery shoppers were showing me the "door" out the store.
N  6th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Lately, Walmart has been cutting a tremendous amount of associates that are on the floor. Where 2 years ago we would have 5-6 people in the Electronics Department, now there is only 2-3! We aren't ignoring the customers, they are just spreading us thin. We don't have enough associates to to hold hands with the customers while they shop. Every body is stressed in this ecomomy. Maybe a lot of Associates don't have their happy face on, because their hours have been cut and they are deciding if they can afford milk at dinner. Getting your hours cut 5-7 hours a week is NOT pleasant!
A  16th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Last night around 11 o'clock me and my husband went to wallmart to buy grocery here in Las Vegas Nevada by Rainbow and Spring Mountain, I am having pain and I cannot walk so I used the scooter and when we finished and leaving the building to go to our car Jill the greeter stopped us and she told us that we cannot take out the scooter, I was in pain and my husband was so upset and told me to give her damn scooter I stood up and all our grocery drop it all on the ground and she was waiting for the scooter to take it back inside and our car park right infront of wallmart by handicapped area. She didn't even ask us that when we finish unloading our groceries if we can bring the scooter back she didn't even have the guts to tell us she just took the scooter from us and my husband was very upset. We called to complaint but we waited on the phone for 30 minutes and we called twice and I asked for Wendy the co manager and no one answer for 14 minutes they keep putting us on hold.

My experienced with wall mart employees some were very RUDE!!! no manners at all!

D  21st of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
*rolls eyes* Customers really need to get over themselves.
D  26th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you go to your local Walmart, you know, the one located in YOUR TOWN then isn't it safe to assume that the associates represent your community? THE EMPLOYEES ARE A REFLECTION OF THE LOCAL CONSUMER, not the other way around. Walmart employees are treated very badly, paid very little, and they get to deal with rude, obnoxious customers who are too cheap to shop for quality merchandise at a retailer with good employment policies. You get what you pay for and you reap what you sow. Speaking of sow - being handicapped does not entitle you to abuse the minimum wage employee at the front door, who would be written up or fired for allowing the scooter outside. Did that even occur to you? Doubt it.
N  23rd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
went to walmart today, parked my cart by the greeter @ told him i was going to mic e des thats right next to him, 20 feet, instore, mc dons, in cart was a body pillow @ 3 picture frames, came back, and thier was a different greeter, he grabed the cart and said ur not going anywere, i asked 4 a manager, and some lady came after telling her my story, all she said was, what teller did u go thru, i took her to the teller across the store, she told her, yes i sold him that stuff, i said can i go, she told me no, u need a reciet, and it will take about 15 min, she walked toward the back, with out saying a word, and i left after about 5 min, thru another exit, will never shop at walmart again!
N  25th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am work for walmart in Connecticut i was hired from the remodel and it was my first job while i help my family get through some money problems and the remodel was fine but when they keep me I did not know what i was in for they cut my hours they raise my hours they made me a meal exception on 3 different times and every manager and zms gives me something to do when ever i am in the back to go along with the running paper goods and chem and pets bye-myself on weekends i have developed knee problems and 19 years old as i go to college at the same time i want to quit but i know i will be hurting my family because i give them my check to help with the bills that mounted up when my dad got layed off and could not get a job for a year i do not know what to do everyday they think i can kill 5 palettes unload the remix truck and zone all before i go to lunch and one point they wanted me to do it on my own what should i do ghostman999@yahoo.com
N  1st of Mar, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am not stupid and I know Wal-Mart can track these postings. I work there and have been there for four weeks. I was bound and determined to look and do my best work. I shopped at Macy's to work at Wal-Mart. Go figure! Blue and beige. OK. Customers have abused me and I just smile and and go on with what I am doing. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I work as hard as I can which is pretty hard. In the last week, I was called into the office and written up for insulting a customer. I have never and never will insult a customer and on the day in question had no reason to insult a customer. It was just another day. After that I noticed that they were "building a case against me". I asked them if they were harrasing me and the daily complaints stopped. Of course I am looking for a new job and they are looking to fire me. I thought I was their best employee!!! They obviously have an agenda that no other employer I worked for ever had and I can't figure out . No problems. No injuries. No lawsuits. No illness. No fights. No time off. No hardships. No senority. No benefits. No special demands. Just Wal-Mart being Wal-Mart. They have to stay in practice I guess.

Oh and Wal-Mart, when you read this, guess what I am going to collect unemployement when you fire me for no cause. You and I both know I can't afford to sue you for harrasment. You win. Congrats you have the big gun!!!
N  1st of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have been reading a lot of things on the internet about working at Wal-Mart. I think I figured it out. They want their managers to have a cop mentality. They are frustrated wanna bee cops. A very very superficial friendliness, while some managers stare at you and give you the evil eye. Bad cop, good cop. Bad Walmart manager, good Walmart manager. Why or why did I quit Target?
A  15th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Its a shame that the CEO does 't go under cover.
A  10th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
i was in Walmart in Aberdeen, NC and me and my sister would just spend time in there seeing as how thats all there is to do in Aberdeen and we got followed by 5 employees accusing us of stealing and when we left they even followed us to the parking lot...i was soo angry they would accuse some one of stealing just because the amount of time we were in the store...to this day i will never shop at walmart my friends and family do not either!!!

N  9th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I worked at the Wal-Mart in State College, PA, last summer, on my break from college. Overall, I must say I was very unhappy with the attitudes of people. Most of them were arrogant and grouchy everyday.
N  15th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I work at the service desk at my Wal-Mart. I must say, a lot of the associates at Wal-Mart have attitudes because the customers they interact with come in with a major chip on their shoulders. I have been lied to and lied about. I have been called every name in the book and I have even had things thrown at me. But I keep doing what I trained to do. Smile and get through my day. I do this because at the end of the day, the customer is going home still angry because he/she didn't get their way and I am still going home to my family... News Flash!!! I don't sleep with you sweetie. You do not sign my check, nor do you pay my bills so your little temper tantrum is just that: a show of how immature and how egocentric you are. Just thought I would point that out. Whoever came up with the cliche: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT was a big fat liar. The customer is not always right. They lie, cheat and still and will jump at the chance to pull someone down for their own benefit and sometimes it bites them in the butt, still they press on and continue to rape the policies set by Wal--Mart. You only have the right to spend your money and get the heck out of the store. I'm gonna school you all in on some of the return policies held by Wal-Mart Stores. Besides the policies that are posted in the store and on the webstite these other things are listed for returns: 1) underwear/garments (bra, panties, boxers, undershirts, etc.) and swimsuits can only be returned or exchanged WITH a receipt. So don't try it. 2)If you do not have your receipt you will be issued a Wal-Mart gift card and NO we can not look up your purchase using your credit card this is not Sears. 3)Once you have reached your max of 3 returns within a rolling 45 day period. Stop bringing stuff back. We will not make an exception so don't ask. 4) Keep ALL receipts and ALL packaging for at least 15, 30, 45, or 90 days depending on the nature of the item in question. It makes returning items that much easier for you and helps to minimize the likely hood of you having a poor customer service experiecne. 5) Food items can be returned or exchanged up to 3 days from the date of purchase WITH the receipt. Anything later than that, and you will be out back. 6) Food purchased using SNAP or EBT can only be exchanged or returned to the original card. If the card is not in your possesion at the time of the return:tough titty said the kitty...7) If you didn't try clothes on while at the store, when you get home don't take the tags off the clothes. What sense does that make. The first thing you do is take the tags off then try the things on and decide you need another size... Noooooooooo Keep the tags on. They will not get in your way of checking how your butt looks in those jeans. It's OK. 8)Wait to be called up to the service desk. Just because the last customer has left doesn't mean the associate is ready to assist you. They have other things they need to do in order to prepare for your return. 9) Because some Wal-Mart stores are not equipped with a "Money Center" please be mindful that some customers will be cashing checks or making bill payments. It is important to remember that they would need some privacy... In case you cant take a hint, refer to #8. I think that is all I need to say at this time. Hopefully these guidelines will help to ensure you have a pleasureable experiencde at your local Wal-Mart service desk... Toodles
N  25th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
JHOY - I can tell you that Jill is following Policy. Customers are Not allowed to take the electric carts outside. These are indoor scooters, they are not like Hoverounds where you can take them to the Grand Canyon. The problem is people take them outside and leave them there, & they get worn from the cement/gravel & weather conditions. You got inside the store on your feet - You can leave on Your feet!
A  16th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I worked for Wal-mart for about 6 months. At the particular store I was employed, there was racism and failure to follow policies on drunkeness on the job. There were times that a certain male of color and another who was a drunk, would go on their breaks as soon as they heard a delivery truck had arrived and leave me, a 120lb woman, to unload by myself. Management did nothing. I was recgonized for working hard, but the problem was never solved. Those who work hard are expected to do more than the lazy employees. Wal-mart uses slave labor rules to manage their good employees and uses kiss-[censor] rules to manage the bums. Management wants one person to do the job of two and still get done on time or before the alloted time and do a "most excellent" job. When you get the time, why not go mto Wal-mart, when there aren't many customers and walk around the store. Why? To see how crappy the store looks. Quality? Wal-mart doesn't even know what that means.
A  23rd of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I spent half an hour online filling out the Walmart application, recieved a call for an interview for temporary remodel work at barely over minimum wage, interviewed with 3 people, filled out numerous amounts of paperwork, went for a drug test was called and told I could start tomorrow. After kiindly explaining to the woman who called that I stated on my application I couldn't start until next week and would love to be there Monday morning for 8am, she rudely stated." oh that probably isn't going to work, I'll have to call you back." I never heard back from her again. My question is, why on an application does it ask when you are available to start if the 3 people you interviewed with are not going to pay attention to it anyway?
N  16th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
What exactly did she say or do?? I am the sweetest, nicest, happiest person in the world, always smiling, eager for business, and I love my job and my customers! I always have customers complain on me all the time for being rude, when I WAS NOT being rude! I finally got fed up and asked one of my fellow employees why I got so many complaints when I'm NOT a rude, angry, and impatient person! she told me that my thick Southern accent (from Louisiana but living in Utah) sounded very much like sarcasm and some people took offense to it.

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