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A year ago I had my eyes checked at your Rice Lake, Wisconsin store. I got my glasses and had them adjusted and went home. I gave the prescription a couple of days. I called the store and told them I didn't think the prescription was right. They said to come in and they would try to readjust them again. I called them back a few days later and told them that the glasses were not the right strength. I told them that I have worn glasses since I was 9 years old and something was not right. All I got was a run around. They said the prescription was right. I said how you know if you don't re-test my eyes again. They said I would have to pay to have them re-tested again. I said why do I have to pay if the glasses aren't right? They said that how it is. Well I gave up for awhile and called again and got the same run around. I was furious. I gave up. Then called again a month or so later. I didn't get anywhere at all. I just let it go. Well today I went and had my eyes check because I couldn't stand them any longer. It got to the point I could not read what was on T.V. I had to take them off to read a book. It was hard to see the computer monitor with the normal part of the glasses. I would have to use the bi-focal part to see the monitor. Everything was getting a little blurry. Well the doctor said he knew what was wrong with just having the refractor done. He said the strength was too strong. When he lessened the strength I could see so much better. He showed me the difference after he tested them. The only change was I needed was tri-focal and less strength. We trusted Wal-mart and shop there for years and years. I am very annoyed and I'm re-thinking about shopping at Wal-mart.

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  • El
      Jan 27, 2009

    I had been given a written 'coaching' for something that had nothing to do with why I was terminated. The written occurred on 28 Oct 2008. Then on 20 Nov 2008, I was called to the management office where I was met by two Assistant Managers. One informed me that I was being terminated for not taking a break on 11-10 & 11-14, and that I had taken personal items to the area that I worked in.

    I seldomly missed taking a break and sometimes when I did I did so in my assigned area. Even though I told the Assistant Managers that I did take a break, when I used the facilities, got a drink, took medications or sat in the area without doing work. Then I was informed on 11-20 that I had to be out of the area for 15 minutes, that I could not take breaks in the area.

    Additionally I told them why I was carrying my personal bag, but one retorted ''re not suppose to have any personal items. You were seen eating Yogurt (I don't eat yogurt), drinking and getting spray from your bag.' I again explained, what I had done and yes I did have snacks but not yogurt and I did get spray from my bag. The spray was Fabreze, I had been using it ever since I was there as a matter of fact the day associate had been using Oust in the area which I can't handle with my asthma. She said Fabreze would be fine. I retrieved the bottle from my bag because the one we had in the area was empty. I sprayed it and exchanged it for the empty bottle.

    The store's Loss Protection individual made copies from the security films, which were dated and timed, showing me performing my assigned responsibilities in my work area. It also showed that I had taken my 'personal' bag, which had my various medications, snacks and a small bottle of room spray.

    I had taken my personal bag with me since an episode in the break room in October that made me feel insecure with leaving my stuff in there and the fact that I had multiple medications, some which were used in a nebulizing machine that was also in this area.

    On multiple occasions, various Assistant Managers as well as the Store Manager, Co-Manager and other individuals witnessed me taking my personal bag to my work area. None of these individuals questioned why. None said...'don't do that.' I must add that there are no CBL's or specific written guidelines for this area. Its a judgment call as far as I am concerned. Especially since others in this area had since I've been assigned there doing what I had done.

    In the time that I was in the area I and others assigned there had been taking breaks in the area, using spray and eating snacks. But that wasn't the way it was suppose to be...according to the Assistant Manager on the 20th. I had done what the others had been doing but I am the only one fired.

    Yes it is true that I had a written for something that had nothing to do with the reason listed on the termination sheet. But I feel that the WM corporate office was pissed off because: 1) they had to pay overtime because the local managers failed to enter 8 hours on my work week in the appropriate week 1 of the schedule, thus making week 2 go into overtime; 2) that ever since I had been in that area I had clocked out when my work was done, sometimes 15 minutes early--no one said I could not do this and it did not become an issue until after the 28 Oct 2008 written was issue; 3) that corporate wanted to separate me because of the Oct incident but they had to tred lightly and were thus 'gunning' for me.

    I must note that after the Assistant Manager terminated me, she told me to make sure I re-apply in 6 months. Now I find out WM is fighting my unemployment claim.

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  • Si
      Apr 08, 2009

    I feel for you. I really do! I was terminated, separated, let go, fired, back in December 08. I was a meal exception, too many times! Yea, I know. I should have been watching the clock . But you see, that's not me. I cannot leave things undone. I tried to perfect too much. I was a hell of an employee. As I am sure most of us are. When I first started there, someone once said to me, "why are you working so hard? Nobody will notice you." I was not even "working" that hard. Its my email address. Then I realized, the home office doesn't give a crap what you do. Even some of the assistant mgrs. and Co mgrs. don't really care either. Just as long as you are not making "them" look bad! Maybe I wasn't meant to be there in the first place. "They" contested my UI, 30 days, exactly, after I applied. Christmas was well, non existent. Finally, two months later I recieved UI. Now, just a few days ago, I get a letter stating "Please be advised that the Commissioner has withdrawn the determination...blah, blah, blah. I called the UI office...Walmart is contesting again. I have been taking my dog, sick with cancer, to the vet. I have a huge bill due. How am I going to pay for that?? This "Satan" from Arkansas is disgusting! The way the employee's are treated is so damn disrespectful! We may as well all be cattle. If I could stop people from shopping there, I would. After all, 99% of the time I am looking for something, it's not there! I don't know what else to say other than Walmart... If Sam Walton were alive, this kind of crap would not happen. This is NOT what he wanted! suck!

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  • Si
      Apr 08, 2009

    By the way, they told me to re-apply in 30 days...jan 11 is when i did...still, waiting.

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  • Je
      Aug 13, 2009

    well i am a 9 year assoc. for walmart and i do see alot of what you are car was damaged while i was inside working by there dang shopping carts and no one wants to help me.i have never had any problems with anyone nor have i violated any of there stupid policeys i have never missed of day of work

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  • Os
      Dec 21, 2009

    I have been a shopper at Wal-Mart probably since they have opened up here in Houston. There used to be a time when you wanted to check out it did not take 45 minutes. The store here in Houston, at Almeda, has got to be the worst on here in Houston. I went in today and they only had 2 (yes 2) check out lanes and 1 self checkout line open. Needless to say they had at least 7 peaple in each of them. I went to buy some cigerates and she asked me for my ID, I am 55 years old, and (I wish I did), but I do not look 25 or less. She would not sell them to me until I went to my car & got my ID. Them she would only ring up 1 pack at a time instead of all 3 packs, and I had to pay for each one individually. I will not shop at that store again. I hope for the other peaple that shop there it gets better. I will waste some of the precise gas and go the 2 extra miles to one of the other stores.

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  • Li
      Apr 29, 2010

    walmart[or any other store, for that matter]is only as good as the idiots they hire to wrok for them! They need to TRAIN THEIR EMPLOYEES!

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  • Mr
      Apr 23, 2011

    Walmart is notorious for coaching people for not knowing that they have been doing something wrong, even though supervisors never made the duties clear to them in the first place, or in some cases, gave them wrong information entirely. They also will not give you any feedback on a daily basis to let you know if you've made a mistake or aren't working fast enough, etc. They will tell you a week or 2 later when they are giving you the verbal or written coaching, thus making sure you are unable to fix the problem before being reprimanded for it. They will ALWAYS take the supervisor's word for things over yours even if they are in the wrong. If you explain health issues to them, they will act like they understand and will say they are willing to work with you to help you keep your job, but will turn around and use those very issues against you first chance they get. I was just fired 3 days ago due to my health problems, and was told I was rehirable in 31 days. (I can have a part-time job, they say.) Yeah, that will pay the bills. In short, no matter how hard you work, no matter how few mistakes you make, it will never be fast enough, hard enough or perfect enough for Walmart.

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  • Gh
      Jun 18, 2011

    walmart vision center eye doctors are a bunch of quacks! they cant even order trial pairs on contacts like normal dr may have to wait longer and paid a tad more at a real eye doctor but its so worth it if they actually know what the hell they are doing!

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  • No
      Jul 14, 2011

    First of all, the opticians, NOT the doctors, generally order trial pairs of contact lenses. The real purpose of trial contact lenses are for the doctor to give to the patient at the time of the eye exam for the patient to try. All of the doctors that are in Wal-Mart Vision Centers are independent, licensed, fully insured doctors of optometry (OD), and DO NOT WORK FOR WAL-MART! (Depending on the state the vision center is located, and the laws in effect for that state). After the patient returns for their follow-up (if needed), which is also complimentary, within a reasonable amount of time, it is the patients responsibility to purchase their boxes of contact lenses. Second, trial contacts are FREE. Granted, you may have to wait if the trial contacts are not stocked by the store, but they are complimentary. It is NOT up to the opticians or the eye doctor to give out OR order free trials to patients once the contact lens rx has been finalized because people fail to purchase their contact lenses.

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