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Walmart / store don't have less price doodles

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The Store is big... But about kid's doodle (magnetic writer) they used have many varieties... recently no varieties.

While shopping we could not find any doodle so asked a salesperson , then he searched and gave us a old high priced doodle which was kept very up and mostly becoz of the reason of not sold so there were very few and with cover tear .That means not maintained... If that salesperson really want to sell items he could give us with better cover... As it was very up we could not see other And price was almost 2.5 times so my husband said no... I could make him say yes at least if the cover was in good condition...

Walmart was believed to be with good brands but cheap rate But My opinion is totally changed.

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  • Tr
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    I placed and order on to be delivered to a local store on the 17th of November. Received a confirmation email on the 18th of November that they item had shipped and would be available for pickup between 11/27/07 and 12/10/07. Here is it the 17th of December and it has not been delivered. I have spent countless hours on the phone with the store, and the main office to find out where this is and all three have a different story (surprised???) claims it is on a truck in DC and can't get here with the bad weather (a whole month??), the store says they "saw" it but don't know what they did with it, and the main Walmart office says they have no "authority" over the stores (so why exactly are they a "main office"?? When did Walmart go franchise??)

    Why I shopped at Walmart, I don't know, but it will NEVER happen again. Sure they have the lowest prices but $297.96 vs $299.99 at another retailer is not that much of a discount to put up with this. What amazed me is that as I googled about service issues with Walmart, I am not the only one with complaints about how bad they are... so why exactly do we keep throwing money at them and keep them in business?

  • Je
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    I'M writing this complaint, due to the fact that a disabled lady went into a wal-mart in leland north carolina, to return a micowave oven she had purchased at that store at christmas time, just afew hours pass the deadline of her 90 day warrantythis micowave stop working. this customer service rep was so rude to this lady it made the lady very upset at wal-mart and this customer service rep that it caused this lady to have a seizure out in the parking lot of the store .I asked the gentleman that was with the lady was there anything i could do to help. He ask me very nicely if i knew how to contact mal-marts main office i told him that i would do the best i could to help in any way i could. I got there phone number and address and wrote it down. maybe someone from the main office could call or write these folks to see if theres some way to work with them on this matter and save wal-mart the embarassment of attacking the disabled americans in this country.THEY are going public with this matter in the local news stations and papers and to be honest i don, t blame them, I've been a wal-mart shopper for quiet sometime now myself and spend alot of money in this store but have come to the conclusion that i, m leaving wal-mart all together due to what i just seen taking place in front of my very on eyes I believe that wal-mart should up whole there agreement on a product they purchase and stick by it or stop buying from that company all together.i, m starting a petition to help these people in this matter, and hope that it will help out in this big bussiness corparation world that taking advantage of the disabled community in this country, if you'd like to contact me fill free to do so.

  • Jo
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    to whom it may concern iwent to your walmart store in wilton to get my oil changed to it cost $3621 i know in the past oil has gone up in price but know it is coming down so i think your prises should also be coming down it is hard enough getting buy in the would today sincerly yours John M Clous

  • Ri
      5th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Walmart Sucks !!! Japs own it ..mexico lives in it . china controls it...what! is American about it!!! nothing !! don`t spend your money to support slave sweat shops !!! it is still happening ...more than ever !

  • Ma
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    First of all I totaly agree with all the above complaints. You buy up property to place one of your stores and push any store in sight out because your prices are lower - IN THE BEGINNING - after your store is in business less than a year all your prices raise. How indecent is that? YOU are the biggest thieves in the country! My husband has made numerous complaints to the manager in the store closest to us (we live in a very small town and almost HAVE to shop in your store) which is Jonesville, VA. We have had to return stale bakery (if you want to call it a bakery) items, stale bread, etc. The prices for fruit and vegetables are out of sight; as a matter of fact, we have seen many times, an employee sorting out everything by throwing away rotten items, even flowers and plants. Three (3) dollars for one (1) green pepper is a bit much, don't you think - or do you think at all? It is discraceful by all means. There are more poor and struggeling people in this town than people that could afford your products. The manager at this particular store should be fired and so should the assistant manager, she struts around as though she owns WalMart. They actually yell at the employees as well as fire them for any little "thing" while they are worse than any of their employees! You are a VERY POOR EXCUSE for a business and ALL your prices STINK !(that's an understatement - I'm being nice) If you would just stop and think about lowering your prices you would most likely have more business - in the produce departments, at least. People would buy (that department is always empty of customers) and you wouldn't have to pay an employee to throw away all the rotten items. What a discrace you are!! Start thinking about being a service to the people instead of being a robber - besides if you have only an ounce of religion, how would you not know that you should treat everyone exactly like YOU want to be treated, never any less.
    Thank you for allowing me to send my comments; I sure hope to see some improvements in your stores.

    Mary Frances

  • Ku
      7th of Feb, 2009
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    I'll bet all of you complaining here went into your local Wal-Mart Store and RAISED TOTAL HELL with whoever was TRYING to help you. Most all Wal-Mart stores are understaffed to give good customer service or even do a presentable job. It was never set up to give the customers a "individual grooming". It is a DISCOUNT STORE. As a manager, they out you on a roller coaster to control expenses mostly through cutting payroll. It depends every week on percent to sales of the previous year. The manager has a "Store Manager's daily recap" that is printed every day that will give you the big picture of everything happening daily. If your numbers are out of line you will usually get a call from the Market Manager telling you to be "payroll friendly" and cut your people back. Hell, you can't even finalize schedules until everything is in line. Then they dangle the carrot that maybe you'll get a bonus for keeping your expenses in line and doing good on sales only to find out that they change the rules as you go. Go ahead and call 1-800-Wal-Mart. It won't do you any good. All of those calls are re-routed back to the store manager of the store that you are complaining about. It's called a "Letter To The President". As far as working for Wal-Mart? I would be an hourly worker any day of the week as opposed to being a salaried manager. You are treated much better believe me. The reason why is a great fear of unionization of associates. Wal-Mart has thier own team that will dispatch to any store in the event of any type of union activity. They take the store from the store manager and run it themselves until the threat has been neutralized. As a salaried manager you can't join a union anyway so they treat you like ###. All price changes are dictated by Home Office. The store manager and associates can't help how high or low their prices are. Yes, "store initiated markdowns" are closely watched as well. You have a certain amount of "markdown money" that can be used if authorized by the Market Manager per quarter. Once again it goes back to percent to sales for last year and the current sales goals. As far as returns, if you take something back past it's Wal-Mart Warrant date (depends on item) you put your job at jeopardy. That's right, you can be FIRED for that! After the Wal-Mart warrany is out it can't be returned to the manufacturer for store credit. That becomes part of "shrink" which affects the bottom line (profit). What I'm trying to get at here is that it is a hell of alot going on at once and not enough people to handle the load. IT IS NOT EASY! You can't even compare Wal-Mart to any other retail chain. It's apple to oranges. No other retail company does the sheer volume of sales that Wal-Mart does. Before anyone complains to any Wal-Mart store associate, including managers, you should relly realize what is actually going on. They are in no position to change anything whatsoever. I will tell you that it is one hell of a challenging job. I would rather work somewhere else myself.

  • No
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    this for the all the people so shop at walmart . first of all they are so cheap in the camden delaware. store that they cant even keep good works there and some the mangers are lazy and. the keep the store hot in the summer time.. my aunt went in walmart and said the outside was cooler the store.. Is walmart so cheap that they dont have any a/c there at all. and i feel sorry for the employes for walmart they ones who work hard and come to work everyday. and they get fired for stupid stuff.. and yes what cheap labor and never go the walmart in because they just dont care about there employes or customer. and waste all that money in remodling the store for want. they need a a/c that will keep the store cooler for customer and employes if not some is going to get someone very sick in that store, ... and need a better store manger of that store because he does not stand up for his employes.. one who will stand up for there employes. there.. because chow sure dont do for his store... maybe they need to fire him.. i will ever go to that walmart in camden delaware never again... until the get better manger and a better a/c in there because you sweat in there... hope no has a heat stroke there...

  • Im
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    My Complain would be: what is the policy on dating a co-worker and happened to be married?

  • Ec
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Why are you complaining about a doodle thing? Get a life! Go to Ocean State Job lot if you're that cheap. Loser.

  • Ec
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    First of all, you all need to get a life and learn how to spell. How about you go to Walmart and get some hooked on phonics? If they still sell it, although in your redneck towns I'm sure they stockpile it. I agree with Kubbi, you have NO IDEA what it's like to work for Walmart. I was a manager and I have dealt with some of the rudest low-life idiots during my time there. People complaining over the DUMBEST things. Don't you realize that those people have a job to do? Like tasks they are given everyday that they need to complete, but they can't because people like you bother them about where the magna-doodles are? Ever wonder why the salesfloor associates give you an attitude when you ask them for help? BECAUSE THEY ARE BUSY GETTING THINGS DONE AND YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING! WALMART IS NOT MACY'S AND THEY ARE NOT THERE TO KISS YOUR FEET! As far as people complaining about prices??? Are you on drugs? The store manager has no control over the prices, they come from the home office you [censored]. Go complain to Sam Walton if you don't like it. Stop complaining over stupid little things and get a hobbie, and I hope the next Walmart employee you give a hard time to...tells you where to go.

  • Pa
      2nd of Aug, 2010
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    My complaint to the main headquarters (if there is one) is that I feel that I was treated immorrally; not to mention having had medical problems at the time and being disabled on top of this really topped the visit to Walmart off on this particular day. I have already chosen not to shop at my local Walmart store in Jackson, Ohio (where we have very little other choices), but I have not had that many positive experiences/mosyly negative. The day I am specifically upset about was mid July; I had arrived at the store at about 8:40, my sister and I had just returned from seeing my brother who was in the hopsital very ill with Infection through his blood stream (Sepsis). We had been gone for almost the whole day (10:30am-8:30pm). We had met in town to drive together, so I thought I would make a quick trip in the store to get what I needed since I was close. I am disabled but sometimes by looking at me, some people would not recognize it. I parked in the handicapped parking space as
    I usually do when able and entered in the main doors. I opted to use a shopping cart although I was in a lot of pain and very tired and fatigued, so after finishing my shopping and checking out (the cashier was great): I started toward the doors to go out. I was stopped by one of the CM's and told that I could not go out the main doors, at this time-it was 9:10. I said Why? She replied with a slightly sarcastic reply (like I should have known) "The doors are being remodeled, there was a sign outside."
    I asked if there were anyway I could get out the doors because I was parked in the handicapped parking. She replied that there was not any way for the doors to be reopened. I said that means that I have to walk all the way down to the other end of the store and then back up to my car again, and I am worn out. Why didn't you announce they were closing the doors. She looked at another worker and said they announced last night, didn't they? I said, thats not tonight and I did not see a sign. My problem is that there were 2 people and namely the CM who knew that I was disabled, it was dark outside and there was not any offer of assistance to me. I got to the other side of the store and rode the electric WC to my car and then noted the sign on the door was not on the door at all, but a sign written on white posterboard (light black) between the doors about 14"x14". My diabetes has been out of control really bad lately and that is one of the major problems I was having, not to mention my other problems from my disabilities. I feel that the people working in these positions should be more considerate to others and be able to offer assistance to those as they need it, or delegate to others. If this is unavailable in Walmart stores, then all the more reason for me to continue to go other places to shop. Thank God for Krogers, Big Lots and the Dollar Stores in our town;not to mention CVS, Walgreens, Peebles, Catos, The Shoe Store for other needs as needed. My daughter will help me if there is a lot to do. If I do not here anything from anyone about this, then I know that Walmart does not have the morals that Sam Walton said. Patricia Landrum

  • An
      13th of Oct, 2010
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  • Ji
      16th of Mar, 2011
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    Walmart is destroying america and many people dont even know it. STOP buying from them, if you want your business to stay afloat or have money in your community without it being shipped all the way to the 5 people who are extremely greedy! They dont care about you or what they are doing besides hurting our great country!!!

  • Ma
      20th of Jul, 2011
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    I would like to complain about our local Walmart in how the customers are treated at the entry/exit doors in Jonesville, Virginia. This is a small rural area, but these workers treat everyone as if you are a theif for any item too large to fit a buggy or a bag. Just this week I was stopped to check if I bought a plastic storage container that had the lid off with the Walmart bags of others items I purchased sitting it in! Then the next day we bought a bike and a few items, once again we were stopped to check us for stealing the bike with us standing with a Walmart bag in the other hand!! My husband said we w0uld drive an hour to other areas to shop before we would be treated like this again. I have never stole and never plan on doing it and hate to be treated like a theif everytime we go to Walmart in Jonesville, Virginia and I have heard other people comment on this same topic too. The manager does nothing about complaints about this, you would have more customers in Jonesville, Va IF people would be treated with some respect!!!

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