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Walgreens Pharmacy / hard time

1 32 road, Clifton, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 970 -523- 0193

Dear Reader,

I never in my life had to deal with rude people like I did these last two days. I have coverage for my meds and I went into that pharmacy and waited 35 minutes for it to be filled after they had the call in for 2 hrs. Then my Meds were filled and they rang me up for 45 dollors for Amox, I said I have coverage and she replied ummm no u don't we checked, so after arguing for 15 minutes I give them my coverage number with ID and she said well we can't give u coverage anyway because we don't have the Doctors MPI number.So I called the Doctor on call and they left him on hold twice so long he gave up.Then she said 45 dollors or I can't help u any longer.The next Morning I was the first at my Doctors office telling them what was said and what happend, they said its ok we will call them and get to the bottom of this and get u your meds.So I call at 4:00pm to tell them Im on my way to pick it up and she said sorry u have to go somewhere else we can't help u here.So I called my Doctor back and they switched my Meds to Rite Aide in Grand Junction and they were the sweetest people to me ever, not only did I get my meds for 4 dollors they give me a 30 dollor gift card...Thank you Rite Aide I love u guys!!! Oh yeah Walgreens lost 6 customers because of this My Familyonly deals with Rite Aide now.

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  • Ch
      17th of Nov, 2008

    Walgreens is the worst, least customer oriented business on Earth. I have more complaints than you have space or time so I'll just deal with last Friday. I took a prescription for Xanax to them. I have been getting this same prescription, from the same Dr., and filling it at the same Walgreens for 3 years. I went in, they refused to fill it because it was from the next County over. I asked that they pull my file so they could see that they have been filling it for years. They said it didn't matter. I suggested that they call my Dr. and verify the authenticity of the prescription. They said again, that it didn't matter. I left and went to the next Walgreens down the street. There, the same basic thing happened with one new wrinkle. The phamacist at this Walgreens said that she "didn't feel comfortable" dispensing this medication. I didn't realise that the phamacist gets to choose which medications they are comfortable dispensing. This also happened to my Father at another Walgreens 2 Months prior. I believe it was the same pharmacist. Again she said that she was not comfortable dispencing the particular meds that he had prescriptions for. I was at the first Walgreens that I mentioned 3 weeks ago and they called the police on someone who was complaining. He did not threaten, swear or do anything else that would have prompted this. However, when he was complaining other customers in line started to voice that they too had been treated poorly by this Walgreens. Why doesn't Walgreens home office deal with this. I know many people who have complained and they actually defend the actions of their pharmacists. I do not shop at Walgreens for ANYTHING any more. Sam's Pharmacy (you don't have to be a member to use it) is the best. They treat you with respect.

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  • Cs
      25th of Nov, 2008

    While at work I had my husband go to the Walgreen's on Riggs and Alma school to redeem a coupon for a transferred Rx my spouse placed me on the line to speak with Dane whom from the start had an I, m having a bad day attitude did not listen to my request to call their competitor he quickly replied i had to make the call i needed to make the transfer every question i asked no matter what his response was no .when i finally asked why are all your answers no he stated i, m not sure what you are asking so i asked why he did not say that at first . At that time i again asked if he could call competitor he stated i needed to locate number to give to him with anger and i replied you are beginning to tick me off and i heard a dial tone . My husband later told me Dane lied on me and stated i cursed him out so he refused to fill the order and i, m OK with that. This is the 3rd time i have received horrible service at this location so after my job i went to get the corporate phone number and i saw Dane and needless to say if looks could kill i would not be sharing this experience and on top of that they were not busy i hope they took pictures because their competitor looks great at this time i want be back thanks Dane for the icing on the cake. Keep in mind a good job is hard to find unless your Boss is content with this type of service.

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  • St
      12th of Jan, 2009

    I have to agree that Walgreen's is not customer oriented! Their employees are RUDE- I have been at the checkout counter when the person checking me out was too busy asking another employee to get him something to drink- then actually getting money out of his wallet to give to her instead doing his job!
    they were discussing when they would be "getting off". Also, on Sunday- Jan 11, 2009, I was checking out( and by a lady who is almost always rude) I mentioned that the toothpaste I had was on sale- 99 cents w coupon. She informed me-after charging me full price- that I had purchased the "wrong toothpaste" mine was not on sale. I advised her that according to the price tags
    on shelf- it was 99 cents-( she had just checked out my sister-who had the same toothpaste- and told her she did not get $2.00 off the price- only a coupon for $2.00 to use in the future. She was not pleased that I did not agree w her- she called for a manager and told me to go to the cosmetics counter and complain to him. I took the MANAGER of the store to the shelf where I got the toothpaste- and it did show that the toothpaste was 99 cents with a store coupon. The manager however, did not seem too interested- he did however give me a $2.00 credit( to my charge card). My sister then advised him of her problem with this lady and he also gave her a $2.00 credit. He did not apologize. I advised him that the store employees should be aware of the sale policies so that the CUSTOMER would not be so inconvenienced. This appeared to make him angry. You would think that a store manager would want to make the customers( the stores means of staying in business) happy.

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  • Mo
      8th of May, 2009

    Pharmacist at the Walgreens, 1 Torras Ave., Brunswick, GA 31520, refused to fill my prescription. I was only at the Walgreens store because I received a letter that my favorite Rite Aid had closed and all my records were sent to this Walgreens store. These were the rudest people that I have ever seen in a retail store. After two hours of being ignored, I requested my prescription back, drove to the Rite Aid five miles away and had my medication within 15 minutes. It appears that this attitude/behavior from the employees is not only tolerated but, perhaps, encouraged. It is not being corrected -- WHY?

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  • So
      28th of Sep, 2009

    I have already made a complaint with Walgreen's pharmacy corporate office. I guess I should have learned my lesson. I have been taking alprazolam for seven years. Every third or fourth time I fill my prescription, I am told that they have to reauthorize my insurance coverage (?). This delays the prescription for 2-5 days. The problem is that when you stop taking this medication you begin to have severe symtpoms of terror, rapid heart rate, arrythmia and tonic-clonic seizures. The first time I complained, I was assured that my prescription would never be delayed again. It was. Now, the pharmacist tells me to just deal with the withdrawal symptoms. I should state that it was Monday when they told me they sent out for authorization. On Thursday, I called the insurance company myself and they had not recieved any request from Walgreens. On Thursday, after I confronted the pharmacist, he finally sent the request. I told them since it was their fault, they needed to advance me medication. The pharmacist then proceded to lecture me about my medicaton stating that he was "not comfortable" dispensing it at all, much less advancing it. Apparantly, he is more comfortable with me having seizures and possibly dying. I do not go to the pharmacy for a lecture. I have a doctor who has decided with me how to treat my illness, which is not the pharmacist business. I can't help but feel stigmatized because I have a mental illness even though my mental illness is well controled with alprazolam and lexapro. I am being discriminated against! If this medication were insulin, the pharmacist would have no problem giving it to me. But since it is a controlled substance, and he thinks I am insane, he assumes I am trying to get high or sell it on the street or something. I don't get any high off of the dose I take. I just want to feel normal. I definitely wouldn't do anything illegal with my medication. When this prescription goes through I will be changing to CVS. I DO NOT need a pharmacist making decisions that effect my health, work, social and family life. Especially if his decision could result in my own injury or even death! BOYCOTT WALGREENS PHARMACY AND STORE!

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  • Wa
      12th of Jul, 2010

    Walgreen pharmacy and store managers are rude, unjust, out to make a profit at the expense of consumers. Saw doctor multiple times for an injury, prescriptions were filled by Walgreens, but on the 3rd time, the prescrip was almost 4 times as expensive. I asked why. She shrugged. I asked the pharmacist. He said your doctor prescribed it. The prescrip was only in case ran out. At my doctor's appointment the next week, I told him what happened & he said the drug (different name) is for he SAME purpose, that he has no idea of the price at a particular pharmacy, & that the pharmacy should have looked at my record, saw the drug for a quarter the cost, that they (as experts) should have either told me that the drugs were for the same purpose OR offerd to call the doctor. I had no idea the 2 drugs were for the same purpose. Only the experts know and they took advantage of a consumer. I took the drug back for a refund and had to be subjected to rudeness and made to look the bad person ... when I had no idea until I talked to my doctor. The pharmacy people are the experts. Plus they market that they are customer-oriented. Neither was present here. I wanted 2 things: a refund and a policy change so that no one would be subjected to this again. They gave me a refund, but absolutely no apology and definitely no policy change. Rather, they bad-mouthed me. I will never do business with either Walgreen's pharmacy or Walgreen's store again. I will write corporate of this incident, but, given the above complaints, do they really care?

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  • Jf
      4th of Mar, 2011

    Why is every complaint about a pharmacist in these blogs made by a druggie. It is always a controled substance. You are either shorted drugs, turned down because you run out before you should which means you are over using the drug. If your doc wants you to take more of the drug than he previously indicated on the writen prescriptions then you must have a new prescription with new directions in writing. What is so hard for you to understand about a simple set of federal and state laws. I will say that I have never had a single patient claim I had shorted the on an antibiotic, of blood pressure pill, just on hydrocodone, alprazolam, ect...

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  • Eu
      6th of Mar, 2011

    I have had a bad experienc myself at Walgreens, Kennedy Blvd. WNY, NJ. My Dr. persrcibed vitamin D 50, 000 units, with the 1 monthly dose, and I recieved a bottle with the dosing of 1 daily. I took them for about two weeks. My next Dr. visit blood test showed higher levels of calcium and it turns out that excessive amounts of Vitamin D causes this (could cause kidney failure). The Dr. rechecked his RX and indeed he wrote 1 pill per month NOT 1 pill daily as Walgreens pharmacy did. TILL THIS DAY, NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY, for there error.

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  • Sr
      17th of Mar, 2011

    That is really strange. Did you call the RX manager or district manager? That's not common of Walgreens in my area, but I'd report it or else it will keep repeating. Sounds like poor training or new employees.

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  • Je
      11th of Apr, 2011

    All of you who have experienced poor service need to come to Athens Alabama Walgreens. The Walgreens pharmacists and staff are wonderful at this location! The pharmacist manager has shopped for ME throughout the store. They are well educated, very well trained, compassionate, helpful, kind and yes, efficient. It is a joy to shop at Walgreens Athens, AL.

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  • Je
      11th of Apr, 2011

    some of these folks need to give "IT" a rest!

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  • Be
      8th of Apr, 2012

    I just realized I was SEVERELY shorted on my generic Xanax that I have taken for years. Because I am on medicare it is not covered. Unless they made a counting error they can audit, I will assume I am going to get no satisfaction although I am missing 1/2 my Rx that cost me more than $83. I'm not the drug addict. I always fill at the same pharmacy and from one doctor. If its not a counting error my Walgreens has an addict or dealer on duty. I never thought I would have to count so many pills but obviously I will have to for now on. My doctor will give me an Rx if I need it but either way I am paying a fortune, much earlier than I should have to. This is very unfair. Believe me I wish it wasn't Xanax because then medicare would investigate. I have every intention of calling the DEA if a proper investigation is not undertaken by Walgreens

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