Walgreens / being fired for being disabled

I worked for Walgreens for over 5 years. When an old injury started making it hard for me to work I wanted to put a doctors note in my file saying that I could not crawl, climb ladders or lift over 15 pounds. When I said this my manager threatened to fire me. They knew my physical condition but would not give me 'reasonable' accomadations. So after a short time the asst-managers to cover their own mistakes lied about my work and with out even talking to me my manager fired me. This is a company that says that it hires disabled people and is a work friendly company to work for! WRONG! Then after all of that at the last hour they could have said something about me getting unemployment they filed a complaint. They lied, I have it in writting, but still won and I have to pay back all the unemployment I received. THIS COMPANY AND THIS MANAGEMENT TEAM DISTROYED MY LIFE!!!

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