Walgreens / mistakes

Fernandina Beach, FL, United States

I work at a hospital that has an agreement with Walgreens and we are forced to use them and only them. Every time I have to go to see about or pick up a prescription I have a problem. It is either I wait in line for 30 minutes only to see one staff member waiting on inside and outside drive through. If that's not it, I will be given the wrong amount of pills, not because they do not have them, because its a mistake. Many times I am told a very high price for my rx because they do not enter a coupon in my records as I am told they do . It is something every time I go.
Yesterday Mistakes were made so I had to go back today, all the while this is about 20 miles from home. I did finally get someone nice that actually knows what there doing and appears to care. All I know about the clerk is the name Cort. Please let him know how much I appreciate the extra mile to help me.
Please either train, retrain or fire everyone else and shut the store down. It would be a great place for a drugstore. The store is on Sadler Road Fernandina Beach Fl. 32034

Oct 15, 2017

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