Walgreensmedications are not being filled a directed by the physician:

I was started on Donepezil 5mg. QD (Rx. [protected]) 4/10/17. The neurologist was going to increase the Donepezil to 10 mg. QD after a month. When I put the last 7 pills in my weekly dispenser I phoned the doctor's office and was instructed that she had already written the order. Last week there were two phone messages left from Walgreens, something to the effect that there was a problem. Today I phoned Walgreens, 1800 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Fl., after conversing with the automated system I was transferred to the pharmacy. I spoke with a tech.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Port Charlotte, FLI told her that I had phoned the neurologist office and the prescription was already at the pharmacy. She instructed me there was a technical problem and to call back. I said absolutely not, I don't have time to make any more phone calls.
I have been in this healthcare arena for over 69 years and can see the patients need a spokesperson. What happened to our five (5) rights? Guess I will send President Trump a copy, too. This is an ongoing problem with this pharmacy.
Irene L. Lohr
1593 Red Oak Lane
Port Charlott, Fl.

May 15, 2017

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