Walgreens / manager

Dallas, TX, United States

The Manager named Janis at 7930 Beltline Rd, Dallas, TX 75254 was very rude on 06/16/17 approx. 7:00 p.m. The lady behind the counter was being harassed by a rude customer (cust was trying to use fake coupons) and was cussing at the poor lady behind the counter. Janis the so called manager would not take up for her employee and could not handle the customer that was trying to steal using bad coupons and said she couldn't handle being yelled at by the bad customer. This customer was yelling at the cashier, instead of having the bad customer leave (even though she came in just to harass) she said she couldn't handle it. I chose not to buy my things and had her void my transaction as I do not want to shop and buy at a store where the manager will not take up for her employee. She (manager) would not show me proof that it voided and she told me to get out of her store before she gets fired (for being a rude [censor] to me). I will NEVER shop at ANY Walgreen's again due to her rudeness to her own employee. I will go to CVS, Walmart or Kroger. Kristie Mayfield

Jun 22, 2017

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