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Walgreens, Fresno CA Shaw and Villa / pharmacist

1 Fresno California, United States

I have been buying all our medications at Walgreens Pharmacy for 15+ years. On March 17th approx 5:00 pm I went to the Pharmacy to have my pain medication filled. It was Norco, 2 every 6 hours with 1 800mg IBU for chronic pain. Paul Norwood MD is my physician for 25 years and he is well aware of my condition and is treating me for diabetes among other health conditions.

My complaint starts back 4 months ago with an Asian Pharmacist who had refused to fill my medication properly (TWICE). I took my prescription in on the 13th to be picked up on the 14th as stated on my prescription December 2016. Do to a family emergency I was unable to pick my pain medication up until the 17th. The pharmacist " refused" to fill my medication stating I would have to go to my doctor to change the date for my prescription. A real inconvenience especially since I brought my prescription on time to be filled. I never had a problem before. My doctor has been treating my pain management for years now due to a chronic pain in my abdomen and back. I told the Pharmacist I was not going to be inconvenienced and will fill my medication elsewhere. It was at the drive up. She stood her ground and walked away from the window leaving me there with the prescription in my hand.
I then drove to Costco where they filled my medication with no problem. I explained that the Pharmacist refused to fill my medication for Norco at Walgreens because I was 3 days late picking up my medication for pain. Costco said that was not their policy and that was weird that the Pharmacist did that. If I was a late like that picking up my medication, they would fill it. The last 4 months Costco was filling my medication. I went to Costco Mar 17th 2017 as usual to have my medicine filled but they were out of Norco and wouldn't have any until the following Tuesday and suggested it would be wise to take my prescription elsewhere since I needed it.
I didn't want to drive all over so I took my chances and went back to Walgreens in Fresno on Shaw and Villa where they should knew me.

That same Asian Pharmacist was working there. March 17th the day I was to have my medication filled as stated on my prescription. She AGAIN refused to fill my Norco stating I hadn't had my Norco filled there in so long (4 Months) after having them filled there approx 20 years along with all my and my husbands other medications. She stated she would only fill 180 not 240 because she deemed the amount unsafe!! Completely over rid my doctors prescription. I have proper ID and have never abused my medication. I have always taken my pain medication exactly as my doctor stated. Without it I am in bed in extreme pain. I told the clerk waiting on me at the pharmacy what happened last time when I was late 3 days and she refused to fill my medication and that's why I went to COSTCO and he also said that was weird, he had never heard of that. Never the less SHE REFUSED to fill 240 and took it upon herself to change the amount to less then my doctor was giving me. I told him under no circumstances would I let this Pharmacist do that. The ironic thing was that she was willing to change my amount to 180 instead of 240 without me having to go to my doctor for a new prescription. How many customers has this Asian women done this to and actually got away with it?

I ended up driving to Script Med and they were closed, it was after 5:00pm. I drove to Walmart and they were out of Norco and suggested CVS. I drove to CVS on Shaw and Clovis, they were no longer there. Finally I drove to Walgreens on First and Ashlan where they were happy to fill my medication with no problem. I was so upset I was fighting back the tears as I walked in to that Pharmacy all because of this Asian Pharmacist at Shaw and Villa who twice ( gave me trouble ) about my medication. The reason I state Asian is because I do not know her name. She was working March 17th 2017 at 5:00 pm if you need to check who the Pharmacist was working that evening. Its sad that the people that abuse medication like that make it hard on those of us that need it. I feel this Pharmacist is taking her personal feelings out on Walgreens customers not to mention taking it upon herself to change a "Doctors" order, especially not knowing the patient. We spend a lot on medication a month and because of this lady we feel forced to take our business elsewhere where we are treated respectfully and not like a druggie off the street. I'm 60 my husband is 61, we have health problems unfortunately. I want to know what is going to happen to this lady Pharmacist if anything at all so I know where to go further with this. Barbara Oaxaca

Updated by Barbara Oaxaca, Mar 20, 2017

Complaint filled today March 20, 2017 See above

Mar 20, 2017

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