Walgreens Drugs / poor pharmasy service

Clearwater, FL, United States

I have been a customer of Walgreen's Drugs stores way over 20+ years for all of mine and my families medications. The service in the past year and a half has really been poor. There is never enough help for one. They are constantly calling and telling us prescriptions are ready to pick up, and we go there and they can't find them or say nothing is ready. There is not enough help to service the drive-through and the inside, especially on the third of the month when social security checks come in. I have a CVS pharmacy closer than Walgreen's, I am going to move all my prescriptions there due to this poor service. I liked Walgreen's because it is very convenient when traveling because Walgreen's is in about every state and the computers make it real easy to get refill when traveling, but I am sure CVS will have the same thing. I am sorry to have to do this but at the cost of gas, I can't afford to keep running to Walgreen's only to find nothing is there, or they don't have enough product to fill the script and have to run back for more.

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