Walgreen's / availability of personal products

Quincy, MA, United States

Walgreen's was (I believed) my only source for "Always Discreet" pads. The Quincy MA store was convenient, and I bought pens, cards, grocery supplies and Instaflex etc. etc. also, when I was there. Just thought it fair to let the company know that since they suddenly discontinued THE BEST SANITARY PRODUCT IN OVER 60 YEARS, I found it at Rite Aide. Being somewhat disabled, I am unlikely to make a second trip to Walgreen's when I can find what I need at the other store. It is baffling to me that they discontinued such a well made product. It is so far superior to all those that are too long, too big, too thick, and have those absolutely useless and misplaced "wings!!!" Best wishes for making wiser decisions in the future. I'll be back when that excellent product is again on your shelf! Sincerely, K.M.C. [protected]

Sep 05, 2017

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