Walgreens / Arington MAemployee dicrimanated

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I have been employee at the store #3112 Store for all most four years . I also worked the Walgreens in East arlington with mothers hours as a single mother of four children . I was on welfare . after year I had to work fulltime . Mr. Hostein was the manager . I trained employee at the register and order cigerettes at the main register for four years . I left and became a infant /toddler, preschool teacher for 10 years . Walgreens hired me 2007 . Today my boss is dicrimanate me because I call in sick because of my aniexty when I lost my health insurance . I couldn' t pay 444 . 95, 180.00, 70.00 . I couldn ' t pay for my medications . The pharmacy couldn' t give me a comple of pills free .The pharmacist said I need to pay for the pills . I did have enought money in my checking account . I felt that I needed medication to funtion . My boss decided to less my hours from 24 hours a week to 11 hours a week She said I am not dependable . I have ADHD, depression, general aniexty, Osteoarthritis . When I applied for Walgreens I told the manager I have a disabilaty . I also feel that my boss did 't care about my feelings I should not be treated like I am a child


  •   Aug 04, 2010

    so sorry walgreens couldnt give you free pills. and after looking at your grammar/spelling in this complaint, are you sure you werent a preschool student and not a teacher for 10 years?

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