Wal - Mart Money Card / closed down my card without notifying me

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Last week, I disputed a charge that I didnt authorize. I called them and they told me to go to there website, file a dispute, print out the form, send it to them, then they will review it so, I said forget it. I told them that I want going to cancel it because I had a refund that was going to hit my card in a few days. So the next week my refund hit my card and I tried to use it and it declined. So I called them and they said they closed down the card permenantly because I disputed a charge. And then lied and said they contacted me before they closed my account. They said they can refund me my money but I needed it that day, I had a bill to pay and kids to feed. They didnt even care. I was pissed. I was really counting on that money. Worst service ever!!! Dont get a walmart money card!!

Mar 15, 2013
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  • Sa
      Jan 13, 2009
    Wal - Mart Money Card - canceling account
    United States

    I too had trouble canceling my Wal-mart money card until I called the BBB. Made a complaint and the contact for Green-dot Corporation called me a few days later. He asked me a few questions and then said he would refund the $8 or $9 purchase price. He was very nice and I would have settled for just stopping the texting and closing the account. Don't give up...file a complaint.

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  • Ki
      Apr 01, 2009
    Wal - Mart Money Card - New card
    Kimberly Parker
    United States

    Bought a Wal-Mart money card. faxed information like I was asked to do waited 2 days called to see if they received it. I was told that I would receive card in 7-10 days. Have called back, now they say didn't receive information and I need to fax information again. Can't transfer money, nor use temp card. Very upset with Wal-Mart and there cards.

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  • Ro
      Apr 15, 2009
    Wal - Mart Money Card - Can't access my Card or get to my money!
    Wal-Mart Money Card
    United States

    I purchased a Walmart Money Card today and now it's several hours later and I still can't access my Money or my Card. I put $40 on this stupid thing and I've had enough!!! This is the worst service I have ever received! I can't write them ... there is no e-mail contact point... No Phone Number nothing! Don't get suckered!
    This Card is a total Joke and a disservice!

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  • Ja
      Apr 15, 2009

    call them at 1-877-937-4098

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  • Co
      Mar 15, 2013

    If someone was able to use your card without your knowledge, the only way to stop it would be to close the account. If they hadn't closed the account and this unknown user stole your refund, you would be blaming Wal Mart for that!

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