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Waffle House / Anderson Rd. Rock Hill, SC / worst treatment ever

1 United States

Waffle House
1049 S Anderson Rd
Rock Hill, SC 29730
Waffle House

On July 25th 2007 between the hours of 6.30 and 7.25 PM. we were harassed by a Waffle House Manage named Connie.

First Connie demanded that we order immediately because there were other orders in from of us. We explained that we were waiting on another person and connive responded with a "Whatever" and turned around and walked off.

A very nice young man by the name Carl waited on us later providing excellent service. When our other party arrived her car bumped into the curb. Connie mad a big issue of this stating that a man by the name of Stafford Belk would be more than happy to sue her for damages if there was any. When the young lady went out to move her car, Connie confronted me with the threat that I would be held responsible for damages. I informed Connie the vehicle was not mine and I would not be held responsible for anything. Connie told me not to get sassy with her that Stafford Belk had sued and won a case against somebody else for $800.00 for driving across the grass and that she was going to call him and tell him that it was my fault.

Upon inspection there was no damage including even a black mark on the curb, things settled down for a while and Carl continued to service our table until Connie out of cruelty alone demanded he clean up his section and go home.

We cut our meal short, paid and went to a adjoining parking lot to wait to see if the police or Stafford Belk came since the threat had been made. While in the adjoining parking lot, Connie came out of the back door and glared at us while smoking a cigarette for at least 15 minutes.

We later went to the other Waffle House on Cherry Rd. where we had excellent friendly service and was informed by the waitress that many customers had came into the Cherry Rd. Waffle House with similar complaints and it would be best not to go back because Connie's husband also worked at the Anderson Rd. Waffle House and they had a reputation for starting problems with customers who had previous bad episodes with either, then having the customer banned from the premises.

The cherry Rd, Waffle House waitress also informed us that she had been banned from the Anderson Rd. Waffle House property by Connie and that Connie had been recently fired for spitting in a employees face but rehired as manager again within a few days.

In retrospect; It is tough enough to put up with a person having a bad day who is paid to wait on you but would rather threaten customers directly and through third parties to extort or sue you for $800.00 for bumping into a curb, and it's even tougher to see that person abuse their position by being cruel to their subordinates...

I would strongly suggest anyone not wanting to witness or be a party to the same treatment not go to the Anderson Rd. Waffle House.


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