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My roommate works at the Waffle House here in town as a grill operator. She has worked off and on for Waffle House in a number of different locations for about 14 years and NEVER has she EVER had so much trouble in one store. Her previous boss was bad, but her new boss is a racist peice of crap. It was thought that under new management that the store would run better but its not. She has hired only family and friends, only hires black or ghetto white girls. 90% of the employees are drug addicts be it pills or others like weed, and none are there to "sell eggs only ###" as my roomie puts it. First shift gets everything pulled for the shift that they will need, Second shift is the prep shift and NEVER does the prep work, and Third shift NEVER has enough of anything to do a good sale. Not to mention that third shift, the shift she works, has the WORST employees ever.

Her boss doesn't seem to care when my roomie, we'll call her C, complains to her, but if anyone else does, then her boss, we'll call her J, will deal with it. Her co-workers on third are T and S. T and S are friends and tend to cause a LOT of trouble for C. They say things that aren't true, flirt with everything that walks in and has a penis, and comes in drunk, high, or out of uniform. If C were to do any of these things she would be suspended or fired. C told J that the reason she didn't come in to work for a weekend was a mental break down along with a few other things, doctors note and all, and J was the ONLY one she told, now all of 2nd and 3rd shift know why she was out.

Her boss J told her that while she was gone, drama in the store was down, which is ### because C got four voicemails from customers calling to complain about service for the weekend she was out AND the two she was suspended (She only works Fri, sat, and Sun). People were walking out because their food was horrible, the service was even worse, and the general experience was just bad.

C is a master grill operator and gets paid minimum wage when she should be making 10 or more an hour. She is the lowest paid cook there but is only 1 of 2 out of the 7 cooks on staff that are qualified as a master grill operator. She is not allowed to wear her ball cap that says MASTER GRILL OPERATOR because its "not uniform code" and it makes the other cooks "jealous" according to J. The hat IS uniform code because it was given to her by CORPORATE not franchise. C is manager on 3rd because she is the cook, which makes her the boss when the boss isn't there, but NONE of the employees listen to her, and then she gets chewed out by J, even when J KNOWS that the employees don't listen.

T is going into the MIT program and came in higher than a kite, the district manager S, asked her if she was cause she looked it, and T said no, so S marked that she had a drug test when she didn't, but C had to actually go get one, and was STILL denied MIT when it came back clean, because she wasn't "qualified". She keeps getting passed up on raises and bonuses, but everyone else is getting theirs. Her boss J keeps putting into effect rules that are NOT Corporate rules, like no purses can be bigger than six inches long, and six inches deep... thats a dollar bill in length and depth... ###.

The list goes on and on about this bull that she has to put up with. C is at her wits end and would like to file a lawsuit against Waffle house but there is a paper she signed that says that basically she can't without finding a loophole somewhere, so if someone could help me out, please email me at [protected]@hotmail.com with any information you can give me.



  • Sm
    SmileyMom Mar 29, 2010

    They fired C for having emergency surgery on her breast and now is trying to deny her unemployment. I think that the owner showd take a look at the people that his management is getting rid of and why. Talk to your employess both there and dismissed. T now has her sister working with her and now you have 2 family members selling pills out of Waffle House. How does someone become a unit manager with only cashier experience? Gary Fly needs to look at what is going on before he loses those who actually make him money,

    C now has alot of worries that could have been avoided if management would return phone calls and look at the whole picture. But hey, Freeway Foods doesnt care about anything but $$ and they are losing that.

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  • Ps
    psycho27292 Dec 11, 2011

    Breast cancer bs ur a liar crystal and u no good for nothing Ashley u got fired bc u was a whore sleeping with everyone I don't do drugs at all im t which is Tammie master grill op n crystal stayed messed up even with her kids which she kept locked in there room all day don't point fingers when u know the other four are pointed n ur direction and as far as coming in front of s which was Suzzy high I got 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my hand fr running ur grill when u were a no call no show for 2 weeks don't lie roastbeef everyone knows about u

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  • Di
    dianak1717 Feb 24, 2013

    I know what your talking about I use to work with Waffle House in Montgomery and I worked with several people who were on drugs and they kept them and knew what they were doing and did nothing to fix the problem

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  • Ro
    Ronnie pierce Mar 08, 2013

    I am a master grill OP. At springville Al. Store. I been there for a year and a half and only making 7.58 a hour and work the busy shifts by my self starting to think waffle house don't care about the employees don't know what to do. Give it another week and call corp.

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  • Se
    server girl Jul 17, 2013

    As a black not ghetto former grill-op and server, I agree. Regular drug use stealing unprofessional behavior. Don't drink the orange juice on market st they never clean the machine. Servers don't wash their hands some cooks don't either. MGMT.could care less as long as the store is staffed. Poor training. They don't follow their own rules. The Waffle house way is a bunch of crap! My DM asked me to come back a week ago but I'm good!

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  • Si
    sindy franklin Sep 25, 2013

    on sept 24, 2013 we visited waffle house in franklin, ky, all of 2 customer were there and we wait a good 5 minutes before the rudest waitress very walked up! Ashley was her name with very dirty hands she ask what we would like to drink, then begin to curse and fellow waiter . talked about having to call the police and other complaints about the night, and as all this was going on slamming dishes and doors on the counter, was on of the worst night i ever tried to eat a meal!

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  • Ke
    kermode Sep 25, 2013

    you went to a waffle house to eat a meal, no offence, but you prolly got what you payed for. The great thing about going to a place with ### service is, you don't have to go back and you can leave anytime before your meal arrives.

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  • Mg
    MGOsc Nov 11, 2013

    Waffle house is a multi billion dollar franchise that don't give 2 ### about their employees..when a 3rd shif master grill opp as I am I work 3rd as my main shift..people are constantly fighting, shooting, pulling guns, and knives at my store. I recently told my manager that 7.89 as a master grill opp is bull ### when I can cook 1300 by myself and over 2000 with help. Besides that I work in a war zone..pull my unit phone records for nights on the weekends..we call 911 every weekend! I fear my life n I shouldnt have to do that at work..at least pay me damn..I feel like I work at a club..hint the name CLUB WAFFLE HOUSE after hours..But drugs and drama is natural at any job not jus the waffle house.

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  • Fa
    FaceTime Jul 14, 2014

    To whom ever runs this circus of a corporation,
    I wish to express my utter disgust at the treatment my family received by your manager at the Buckeystown Frederick location at Wafflehouse. Her name Sophie Bam. My cousin, whom is 16, started her first job at the Frederick location, and your manager and she became fast friends. My cousin has bi-polar disorder, and last Friday 7-11-14, ran away from home. Your 21 yer old manager harbored a runaway, by taking in my cousin, knowing she was a run away, and initially lied about her whereabouts. The police were at your establishment two different times looking for my cousin, and finally took her into their custody that following Sunday, after finding her working, even though the day before her guardian came in asking for her work license to be given back, as she was not allowed to work there anymore. Sophie Bam then LIED to my cousin, whom I must reiterate is a minor, and said she didn't have/couldn't find/was at the corporate office, her work permit. I do understand that it was most likely deceived by my cousin, but as an adult, as a person YOUR company trusts to hold a management position, this person not only lied and deceived to cover her own ###, but for a sixteen year girl who was not allowed to work at your establishment, this manager discarded the wishes of her guardian, and allowed a delinquent runaway, to continue working despite the fact that she knew that not only her family was looking for her but the police as well! And here she was allowing her to continue working and harboring her!

    When the police showed up the second time at the restaurant to search for her, they found her working, and the manager admitted that my cousin had been staying with her.

    And now to the part that has me writing this letter, to not only you but EVERY media outlet I can find.

    My cousin denied that she was staying with your manager, and convinced Sophie to change her story to keep my cousin out of trouble. When Meegan and her guardian returned to the store to talk to the manager, the manager not only retraced her story but told my cousins guardian that it was SHE, SHE, who and I can directly quote "acting insane". This absolutely disgusting offensive term out of the mouth of your manger to the guardian of one of your FORMER employees, because as many problems as my cousin has at the moment, this lying, deceiving, disgusting excuse of a manager doesn't need to be another problem for her?

    I understand that like most companies, Waffle House tried to employ those who can represent the brand to the best of their ability. This manager not only smeared the name of your company today by harboring a criminal, which is indeed illegal, but disrespected a customer in front of other employees and customers.

    I demand that swift action be taken to remove this poor excuse of a manager from her position and this company, because I know that Waffle House does not accept this kind of behavior, and I know that Waffle House trains its employees better than to ever disrespect an employees family in front of customers like that, or at all! I know that Waffle House cares more about its brand, and it's costumers than to let this continue or EVER let this happen again, being a business about the people and all.

    Sincerely a very dissatisfied customer.

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  • Jo
    Jordan N Sep 15, 2015

    waffle house is literally only meant for drug addicts at the end of the day if you cant let your manager walk all over you then your not meant for waffle house its stupid I just had to quit cause im a grill op waiting tables more then I cook the corporate manager told me waffle house isnt for me just because Ive missed 5 days in the past half a year they only care about their business and not their employees

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  • De
    deadlywaffle Sep 20, 2015

    I just quit Waffle House after 10+ years. Trust me, they don't give a rats ### about the employees. To them people are numbers, I know I was a master of controlling those numbers in multiple restaurants. The deeper you look into the company the more you will realize its layers of hypocrisy over layers of abuse and shame. If you are an hourly associate being told you have a chance at a career, they are lying to you. Even if you do achieve getting into the management program there will always be a stygma on your career that you were once an employee.

    Find a better place to work, and to the customers, find a company who actually cares for its people to support.

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  • St
    Stephen Bowman Aug 17, 2017

    my wife works at store 1351 and is treated like crap, Richard Houser the cook screams at her and management does nothing, he threatened me yesterday but still has a job, insane. Waffle house doesn't care that guy, who is a meth head is going to hurt or kill someone.

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  • Je
    Jeremy Stanton Dec 02, 2017

    I used to work as a Master Grill Operator at the unit 2098 and I was recently wrongfully terminated over a damn text...BY A TEXT! What kind of manager does something like that! I was forced on third, promised that if I ran heavy cooking sales I would be picked to go to the Serv Safe class in the near future...8 months on 3rd shift and I got passed over twice...and then the servers accused me to my manager that I was treating them unprofessionally! I would sometimes cook 1500 dollar shifts BY MYSELF on weekends...that place is NOT WORTH IT. Especially with the current management..I tried texting my district on why I was accused of treating my servers unprofessionally and I never got a text back! Screw Waffle House! I'll find something better and hopefully a better place that will actually value my service and not just throw my services away like nothing after 3 years!

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  • Tr
    Traci Morris Sep 17, 2018

    Store #2141 in Zebulon, NC has the rudest grill operator I have ever had the dis pleasure to meet. Her name is Karen and she is a bully. She is very unprofessional and thinks she is some kind of bad ass. When she is truly the definition of white trash. Then people will wonder when someone comes in there and busts her in the face or worse. People need to think before they speak and people need to remember you should not bully people. It is wrong in any circumstance. Just wrong.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Dillow Sep 22, 2018

    Hello...i have this friend that worked for waffle housefor 7 yrs and one day...being two weeks today was threaten at her job but dis not tell manager on duty that cuz manager was in a bad mood so she was afraid to make him more mad then he already was. So she message her unit that was off that day bout the situation and she responds saying she needed to tell the manager that is on duty she reply with the reson y she wont and left it at that until the nxt day that the unit was working...with the unit coming in the nxt day know the situation..tells her she needs a statement from her until then they cant do nothing so shortly after the day start the unit left to cover another store my friends said plz dont go cuz then something might happen she said it will be ok i will be back shortly and like she had predicted attitudes started flair again my friend messages her unit telling her bout she reply i will be there soon so she replys back saying she wants something to be done and goes on with her day and when unit returns so does her division. Needles to say nothing was said to this other employee and hrs go by and at the end of the shift there devision manager calls three ppl outside individually and stated to my friend that the drama the attitude and the words need to stop...and then she left hoping that they would do something that day... My friend goes back to work on tue from being off on monday to find that her name was crossed off of some of the days on the schedule and notice that this other person was put on for more hrs as a g/o making more money and still working with this person that whole day afraid to say the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing so after work she gets home realizes nothing has been done bout the situation and quits her job. Now my question to you guys should and could she still call her company and make a report with that being reason why she quit

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