Vodashop Rosebank / screen guard /horrible client service

Rosebank Mall, ZA
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I went to the store on the 5th of November to purchase a screen guard and my friend and putting it on the phone and Precilla insisted to put the screen guard on the phone

After she'd put the screen guard on the phone and once I'd left the shop I realized there was a spec under the guard. I went back and she tried removing it with the pin used the sim ejector tool and was only able to move it to the side

I'd also tried removing it but was unsuccessful. Before I left, I asked if the screen guard would be fine and Precilla reiterated that the screen would be protected.

A week later I'd realized that it was coming off of the phone but thought it wouldn't get worse, and two weeks later about half a centimeter from the edge around the top half of the green guard is off the phone

I stay in Middelburg Mpumalanga and I am expected to travel 170 to Rose bank and another 170 km back for a screen guard. The costs incurred would be about R360.00.

I called the branch myself and I was told I would be called back, which I wasn't, I had to do the follow up, and wasn't assisted and only got attitude and I was told that it was my fault because "I left without being satisfied" (see paragraph 3)

Precialla took down my contact details and said her manager would call me back, which again, I did not relieve a call back I had to call myself and again I was not treated with respect and only got attitude

As I was explaining to Thami my situation, he stopped me and said "please just tell me what the complaint is". I told him and he said a number of things including
"Why are you only complaining after three weeks"
"Ma'am the ONLY way I will help you is if you bring the screen guard to me" (see paragraph 5)
"Bringing your slip makes life easier"

I do not understand how I should give a family memeber/friend who they them self stay in Kempton Park which is a 40 min drive my screen guard, and leave my phone unprotected (working on a construction site) for +- four days

And if that family member/friend was not apart of the equation I would then have to make time to go to GP for a screen guard

So what if it were the same situation and the client was staying in CPT, would that client then have to take a flight to JHB for R200.00

This is in no way an example of client service, I'm extremely dissatisfied with the service from both the consultant and the manager

They were impatient with me and did not feel the need to give me options I had to put the options on the table which were then slammed, understandably so, due to the fact that it's a "franchise" store.

Nov 21, 2016

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