Vodacomvodacom repair incompetent


This is not the first time that I experience incompetent repair from your repair centre in Polokwane.

On 28 December 2016 I gave my Sony Z5 in for repairs at Polokwane Vodacom repair centre.

Reported an fault that my touch screen of my phone is not working correctly, cant use certain buttons on the keypad and and when my phone is receiving an call I cant swipe to answer the call, also reported that my phone looses signal from time to time. On Friday 6 January 2017 I went to collect my phone had to stand in an cue for about 2 hours to collect my Sony. When I reached the front, the staff member did not even great me just took my document and carried on in her African language with another customer next to me, making jokes an being in a very unprofessional manner. Evently I get my phone she just said sign here and read what they have done to your phone, and saw they have done an firmware upgrade, but not for what I have booked the phone in for. I asked the unfriendly staff member will my phone be working correctly because i did not book it for an firmware upgrade but for other faults. Got at home as I guessed phone is doing exactly for what it was booked in for, IT IS NOT FIXED. With my previous experience I had to go back 4 times to get my phone fixed. This time I am not going back, VODACOM can come and collect my phone and also provide me with an phone while they repair my phone. And I don't want my phone back unless its been repaired. I don't have the time to stand there to book my phone in and to stand there again to collect and get treated as if they don't want to help you and to find out you have to go back because your phone is not fixed. Hope to hear from you VODACOM.

Jan 10, 2017

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