Vodacom / vodacom online sales are inept at placing orders

South Africa
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I have dealt with Vodacom online this last week for an online special that has been and still is advertised. Said offer was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge + Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite combo deal. I ordered this little package on Thursday last week (26 Jan 2017) and have been put through an absolute obstacle course/gauntlet of emotional distress, spoken to more intellectually inept lumps from Vodacom's call centre that I should have to, and been delayed with my order for a full week. I have phoned to check my order multiple times this last week only to be told by several call assistants either one of 2 stories: 1) Apparently the cell phone is discontinued (really? Are we not referring to the S7 NOTE? Are we sure of this?) 2) There is no more stock of this special (No stock? Why are you still advertising the special on your website Vodacom?). Lastly I am told by someone that there is actually still stock and she has sold this very product this morning to people already. The lady who I took my contract out with (last week Thursday), told me on the Tuesday after the week I had ordered my phone (so, like, 4 working days later) that there was no more stock of the coral blue S7 Edge and in order to get my phone much sooner I can consider choosing another colour for R100 more on my contract every month (AGAIN no stock and we're still advertising?). I choose this option, reassured I will receive my very expensive package within the next couple of days. Not one to be inconsistent with bad service, two full days have passed and I still have not received my phone from Vodacom, in effect rendering my decision to go with the more expensive, more AVAILABLE (not CORAL BLUE) product pointless. Phoning back 4 times this Thursday, exactly a week later, I give 4 different people a message for my original assistant to call me back. Eventually I am told she isn't in and since these specials are only placed on a Monday (ok? Whatever that means… how do you people get stuff done?) I will have to wait another 5 days at least as today is Thursday and my order will only go through next Monday, even though I already ordered this special LAST WEEK THURSDAY so essentially I should've received the thing this last Monday already.

Look, I don't even blame an individual call assistant that I dealt with on the phone this last week (and to be honest, about 2 of the 10 people I spoke to were slightly helpful)…I blame THE MANAGERS, THE BOSSES, THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS CIRCUS. Train your staff, please. While you may be very polite on the phone, you people treat your customers horribly, and you know it, I know it, everyone's knows it. After a massive tantrum I am transferred to a more managerial character that promises me I will have my phone in the next 2 days and that my assistant will get back to me promptly the next day. Forward to today, Friday (3 Feb 2017), and my assistant still isn't in, the manager character is not available and I have cancelled my contract. I hope you people sleep well at night knowing how you treat your customers. I've never been more fuming, frustrated and completely disappointed by a company before. I do not, and will not, recommend Vodacom to anybody.

Feb 3, 2017

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