Vodacom / vodacom in general - no service delivery at all. breach of contract?


Please provide an email I have 20 emails to forward and no one will provide the details for the ceo, customer care director or financial director. This is serious and urgent. Hope this is not another waste of time.
Complaints are too numerous to list here. But in essence we have an query on a huge data charge outstanding since september 2016. We cannot get to talk to accounts. Message - you have called to often and agent will call you back - they simply do not and we have hung onto the calls for hours - no one responds.
We seem to be dealing with complete and utter incompetence.
Debit order belonging to another company - not ours - r8000 put to our bank account - they think its funny - now cancelled our debit order and cut off our phones. We don't get statements of account and can get no one to send these in a format that can be opened. No one takes responsibility - just pass the buck. Be an ostrich and this will go away.
We have now called a breach of contract. - vodacom seem incapable of delivering service of any kind. No communication - no telephone service, no accounts, no administration. This is incompetence at its finest. Lots of automated responses making promises never kept. Phone in and you get an answering service and no one returns a call at all. We simply cannot sort out our issues no matter what we try. Going on since sept 2016.
Can someone senior have the courtesy to respond.

Dec 02, 2016

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