Vodacomupgraded incorrectly, account a mess

Good day

Since Vodacom Direct online phoned me from Durban by Shivaar during Feb 2017 up to date everything went wrong with my account. My number is [protected].

I have made several enquiries, spent many hours on the phone without any good results, wasting my time and I dont know if this is also a waste of time.

You phone me, give me a wonderful deal, upgrade me without telling me that I cannot get a new phone and not mentioning that the term is for another 2 years.

Then I got upgraded incorrectly, lost my airtime, had to fight to get it back, put me on the correct contract 500 flexi, but then I get a call from another Vodacom outlet, telling me if I am aware that I have been upgraded or migrated with a new contract without the option of a new phone.
NO, nothing is this sort was told to me by Shivaar.

Then 3 April 2017 R389.47 gets deducted from my account, but on 2 May 2017 Vodacom tries to deduct R699.48 from my account which got rejected because I did not have so much money in my account.

Please go and listen to the telephone conversation between me and Shivaar on 8 February 2017 - R389.47 is the amount he gave to me to migrate to u choose flexi 500 without losing any of my benefits. Needless to say he did not tell me about the admin fee of R131.58 either.

Obviously, this is a big fat mess. Vodacom will have to pay my bank costs for the rejection as well.

I want my original contract restored, R131.58 paid back to me, you pay my bank costs and then I can pay my normal fee like it was before and have the option to upgrade with a phone.

You can also have a look at HelloPeter.

I hope this message gets to someone who can really help.

Thank you
Nicoleen Gresse

May 04, 2017

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