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I have been reading all these complaints that are posted on the complaints board and wondering has anyone had a response from this Board. Or is just created to keep us busy waiting while they (Vodacom) go on with their daily business.
My contract was expiring at the end of November and I was scouting around for some good cell deals. I also looked at other cell phone providers. Most of the franchises don't offer the good packages and I was asked to contact 0821959 and they could tailor an affordable package for me.
The consultants are super fast and will call you back as well as long as you are doing a new contract- but lo and behold when they over promise and under deliver they disappear. This has been my problem since 28th November 2016.

The deal that was promised by a SELWYN BUYS was not the same when he chatted to me.
when another VODACOM consultant called to confirm all my details on the system was correct I was told of another package that was assigned to my number.

Also the messages and quotations they sent were going to another mobile number (my son's) calling several times to notify them of this error fell on deaf ears.
I had to constantly call (my frustration of listening to that marketing jingle) I timed the waiting call 20 minutes to 35 minutes at a time while they looked at and investigated my query.
On 30th Nov another person who identified himself as the supervisor MASILO offered to sort everything out
I eventually accepted the offer on the system as I needed to keep my number and continue with my day to day business. Masilo wouldn't budge but kept giving me his marketing gimmicks even to the extent of saying if you don't want this deal you can cancel it ( I would love to hear all the recorded conversations again)
The phone gets delivered with all messages about delivery going to my sons mobile number. Wrong color of the phone delivered. No courtesy call or msgs to say they don't have stock color etc... They just went ahead with the order.

I call 0821959 after I received the phone. I have not opened the package as yet. All info was recorded on the invoice. After many delays and waiting I ask for MASILO - he's unavailable . I ask for SELWYN he's not available either. This was around 11am
I call again at 2pm they both on lunch. Convenient
Both occasions I left messages for either one of them to return my call. I eventually call later that day and insisted( after my explaining my story for the hundredth time )to speak to someone in authority .
Eventually after the longest wait ever I get to chat to team leader Bryan BheBhe who again places me on hold to go investigate .
He apologises and assures me that the phone will be collected on Monday and asks me to stay on the line while someone takes down my details. 25 minutes later no one on the line. Frustrated I hang up.
I call several times on Monday asking for Bryan. He doesn't return any calls
Today is Tuesday 6 Dec I call asking for Bryan again after a long time of holding on he comes on the line asking me to please enlighten him on what the problem is. He says he can't hear me too well there is a knocking sound on the line. Eventually puts me on hold and that's the end of that .
He hasn't called since.

So dear VODACOM with your stupid slogan POWER TO YOU where is the customer service of this organization. We are the paying customers that you need to sustain this business. Customer service is paramount to any business. Employ people that understand that the customer is KING. How much of my time has been spent with me calling all your customer call centre numbers . To no avail. No one listens no one cares. Shocking that this company treats its customers so badly.
Is there an OMBUDSMAN that I can further take this up with.

Dec 06, 2016

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