Vodacom / unauthorized (fraudulent) additions/changes to my account and then poor customer care

Johannesburg, South Africa
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It has come to my attention that another line was added to my Vodacom (cellular service provider) account, without my consent, authorization, or request. I phoned Vodacom Customer Care and I was told they will need a copy of my ID and an affidavit so that they can investigate this. I acquired and sent these documents the very next day.

Since then I have contacted Vodacom at least three times to find out what the hell is happening with that investigation because I haven't heard anything. Yet, I get SMSs (attached image "SMS Received.jpg") from this provider telling me that a debit order has returned and that I should go make payment. I went and reversed that debit order because I did not add that line to my account. But with it having "returned", I am wary that they will block my account from use. I warned that if they do that because they are not doing theirjobs, and not investigating, or not handling this matter, then there will be hell to play...

I have emailed four times already, the way I was supposed to email things, but have not received response. On Facebook they keep telling me once they receive the email, they will contact me, yet I have proof that the emails have delivered and were actually read as well. See the entire conversation with dates and everything of each action taken and messages on FB, in the attached image "FB Post.jpg". I have even multiple times asked what their procedure is to add another line to an EXISTING account, because I am quite certain that their process is less security-conscious when that is done.

What I need here is that they do their damn job, resolve this rubbish that I didn't apply for, and for which I will not pay! I need it resolved, removed, and I need them to make a note or something that I will PERSONALLY walk into their shop to add something to my account should I ever need it. Also, I will provide ID, driver's license, or whatever else is needed when I do that - and because I am right in front of them they will be able to see it is me.

This is fraud!


Jun 27, 2017

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