Vodacom / unauthorized debt orders, lies

South Africa

Good day,

I upgraded my cellphone contract on the 1st of May 2016 at the Vodacom shop at Mimosa Mall in Bloemfontein. Justin Maguire (justin.[protected] was the consultant that helped me. The lines where down that day and we did the upgrade by hand, when they where back online we made a mistake by loading the wrong deal, so since day one I have being paying the wrong installment. In September the problem was resolved and he sent me the new contract, which he actually promised me that my upgrade date still remains the same, Which in fact is not the case and I am going to have to pay for 28 months instead of 24, and that is unacceptable. Thinking the problem has now been resolved, it was to my complete shock when debt order of between R900.00 and R1020.00 started to go off my account at the end of every month. After countless emails to Mr. Maguire he just failed to reply or answer my calls. That's when I made a complaint on Hello Peter. Not to long after that I received a call from Faiek Mohamed ([protected] from Vodacom. I explained the same problem that I'm writing here today. He came back to me within a couple of days to report that he had found the problem, my old handset was never removed from the contract and that I am in fact paying for two handsets, the new one and the old one. He promised me that he had rectified the problem and from the end of the month (November 2016) that my installment will be returned to what the "new" contract states (R638.50) month end came and again I was disappointed that the mistake was still not resolved. He later made stated that I have actually paid off my handset that I have now and will only have to pay R508.05, but I have been paying R938 every month since I received the new contract, every month since then I have to send an email to Fake and complain that my installment is still the same and I am now fed up with this extremely poor service I have received this past year. No one seems to be able to sort out this mess, all I have received this far is empty promises and lies. I want this matter resolved now, I can not go another month paying this much of my hard earned money on a mistake that's not even mine.

Ernst Louw

May 11, 2017

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