Vodacomunauthorized charge

I have also been with Vodacom for many years. As I travel in and out of South Africa. I travel in and out of South Africa a lot and when I was home last I was contacted by Vodacom asking if I wanted an upgrade. I agreed to an upgrade providing they could deliver the new phone during the time I was here. Time went by and I had to leave. Upon returning to South Africa I have discovered that my cheque account is being debited for the new upgrade which I never got and no longer want!! I have tried calling 082111 numerous times either to be disconnected or put on hold. I have requested many times on line that some one call me so we can clear this up. I am now going to cancel the debit order at my bank and discontinue using Vodacom. I am frustrated and annoyed that they just went ahead are charging me for the upgrade. I made it quite clear that I was only in South Africa for a short while and they guaranteed me they would deliver in plenty of time. Well it never happened. I am finished with Vodacom now !!!

Jan 27, 2017

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