Vodacom / umhlanga vodacom repair centre

Durban, ZA

I have had my cell phone for a year and 5 months. In this time the device has been sent for repairs three times. Whilst being sent for repairs I am left without a cell phone but yes of course I am charged my full monthly fee. It is understandable for a cell phone to be repaired once within your contract period but to have it fail 3 times in 17 months is ridiculous.

I am a female and cannot afford to have my phone stop working at any time. On the last occasion my phone had to be sent for repairs, I was left stranded for 1 hour because the piece of [censor] phone that they claim to continuously repair stopped working once again. I drive long distances and anything can happen so I need a working phone at ALL times -this is the reason one PAYS FOR A PHONE!

My phone is currently at the Umhlanga Vodacom Repair Centre for the last 7 weeks. The phone is ready but I have notified them that I do not want the device back as it will break again and that could leave me in a difficult or dangerous situation.

I was contacted by Deon from the repair centre on TWO occasions, within 7 WEEKS, I have been contacted only twice just to inform me that my phone is ready to be collected and they need their LOAN phone back. In actual fact all they care about is their damn LOAN phone - but what about the customer??? There was no mention from me about the fact that I have said from the onset I would like a new device and not have my phone repaired again. I highly doubt the issue has even been escalated.

This has been the most disastrous service from the onset, dropping my phone off took an hour and a half with just two customers in the store.

I will not accept that the device has been repaired. It is guaranteed that I will have a problem again. I want a new device or out of my contract. Some sort of solution needs to arise, I am a paying customer and Vodacom are doing me no favours.

Absolutely disgusting service!!!

I look forward to a response ASAP!!!

Nov 16, 2017

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