Vodacomtheir sloppy service

T Nov 21, 2017

Today, 21 November 2017, at 19h06pm, there has been no network connection to my Samsung Note 8. I called the customer care line, and it is pathetic the calibre of employee's that Vodacom employee, they cannot speak, it seems that staff is partying instead of assisting customers. Staff cannot pronounce words properly, they accented and should not be in the call center.
secondly, no one could assist me. I am a single female that does a lot of travelling and i live alone, i need my phone operational all the time.
I am told by the agent Sifiso that he cannot help me as my account is with collections, i asked for an explanation that he could give me as to why this account is at collections.
The collections department works from 8am -5pm, how does this help customers???
i am extremely irrate at this moment as Vodacom has dropped it standards to become the worst network ever.
Every day around 7pm, I have this network problem and i keep rebooting my phone thinking it is a problem.
i would want someone to explain this to me as to why my account is with collections and what does this mean as staff in the contact centre is not knowledgeable to assist.
I am now ready to port my number as i have had too many incidents now with vodacom. Vodacom has become the worst service provider in telecoms.
In an emergency, i need my phone, must i wait till 8am to have this rectified when this is not my fault and now i am inconvenienced by someone's stupidity.
does Vodacom even care about their customers? I don't think so, its all about them making money, whilst customers are inconvenienced.
if our accounts are not paid, then that is a problem and we end up paying more and handed over to be credit listed, but when Vodacom F...up, customers have to accept this and stay quiet. I don't think so.
Being the useless giant that they are, they need to take other factors into consideration.

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