Vodacomsignal booster faulty ref no: 1-[protected]

In Nov and Dec 2016 I emailed a Vodacom store in connection with our signal problems, and to get Vodacom to replace our signal booster for us. After repeated emails to follow up the store said that Vodacom is just responding they will follow up.
On the 12/01/2017 I phoned Vodacom myself and lodged the complaint, they gave me a ref no: 1-[protected] and said I will get a call back ASAP.
On the 16/01/2017 Marius contacted me to get my location. I then send him our location via whats up.
On the 17/01/2016 I asked Marius what and when will this matter be resolved, he said it is with the Radio Planning dept, they will contact me.
On the 18/01/2017 phoned again to follow up. The Vodacom call centre lady said she will put in an urgent mail to the dept to contact me ASAP.
On the 20/01/17 phoned again to follow up and asked for a manager to assist me - Motketse then said that they will phone me on the 20th to make arrangements. Motketse then later that afternoon phoned me again to follow up if I did receive a call - which I did not, he then said he will follow up again, but I must get a call that day.
On the 23/01/2017 - I phoned Motketse to complain that I have not receive any call yet?!?!? He then contacted the dept again - after holding on for over half a hour he came back to me with the following info:
The dept should have contacted me to explain the process - which they failed to do so. from the 17th it takes 14 days to replace the signal booster. So by no later than the 2/02/2017 (2 Feb 2017) our signal booster will be replaced. How unprofessional can Vodacom get?
Now I will have another 10 days to wait and see if Vodacom delivers on the promise they have made, unfortunately I have no confidence at this moment and will see what happens, how ever if they do not come out by the 2nd Feb 2017 we will cancel all four of our contracts with them due to failure on their part to provide a service to us as promised.

Jan 22, 2017

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