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Vodacom / service and system updates

1 kemptonpark, South Africa
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I made arrangements with Vodacom to pay off my debt of R11000. I have been paying them for 3 months R2000 every month. so I still owe Vodacom R5000. Now Wednesday and today I got a crappy email from Vodacom telling me I owe them R39000. How the hell do you get from R5000 to R39000???? then when I called in about this, I was told o no mam you have not paid. I have the proof that I paid them. then I wanted to talk to the people that works with the POP and I was told I cant. Then I requested to talk to teir manager and then I was told we don't have one??????? then the phone was putted down in my ear!!! I never had a problem with Vodacom and now all of the sudden they don't help me? I want this sorted out.. Vodacom should check their POP and allocate my payments to my account. and stop sending me crappy emails and threating me if I keep my end of the deal. Vodacom looks bad and at this moment I will not recommend you as a good network at all.

Please email me with solutions.

[protected] (Number in query: [protected])
number: I2302432-8

This is what I send POP.

Good day,

Please find attached all the POP for this account.
I'm really disappointed in Vodacom for how they are handling this, I've been paying Vodacom for the last 2 months R2000. October will be paid in next week R2000.
According to me I only owed R11000, now I get warning letter from Vodacom for R39465???
I still owe Vodacom R7000 to reopen my account.
Please fix this asap. I really hope you find all my POP`s for this ref above to fix this mistake.

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Nov 11, 2016

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