Vodacomsamsung a3

My upgrade was on the 1 January 2017, I went to upgrade which I did. I got my phone two days later, the phone was working at the shop at beacon bay Vodafone shop in retail park. When I gothome the phones speakers didn't work and it showed that there was a problem with the sim card. I took the phone back the next day, he said he will send it to samsung. A week later they contact me and say they can't give me a new phone as it's the software was installed incorrectly. So they re installed it and I went there today to fetch it. AGAIN THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS PHONE!!! I AM HIGHLY DISGUSTED IN VODACOM AND SAMSUNG! AS THE PHONE HAS COME BAVK WITH THE SAME PROBLEM. WHY MUST I SETTLE USING MY OLD PHONE AND PAYING FOR A NEW UPGRADE! THIS PHONE IS NEW I DEMAND A NEW PHONE!!! I am extremely disgusted with Vodafone's service and Samsung as a brand! I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER PHONE FROM VODACOM EVER!

Jan 20, 2017

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