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I applied for a new contract and received the phone before the 25th October. I phoned to activate the service and asked if I could get them to use my old phone number. on the 26 Oct I got a message that the line has been activated BUT on a totally different number. I contacted Vodacom when I received the message and explained that I have requested my prepaid number to be used on this contract. the lady that assisted me said she needs to then send me a new sim card and I am not paying for it as Vodacom made the mistake. I waited and received the new sim on Monday 31 Oct. I phoned again to activate the sim and was told it will take 24 - 48 hours to be active. I just spoke to Vodacom again and now I am told that because of the backlog they have I am in a queue and that it will take 5 days. I am so disappointed in Vodacom's services. I have been with Vodacom since I had my 1 prepaid phone and this has been the worst service I have ever received. I have taken out this contract as a gift to my son on his 15th birthday which was on the 25th of October. Up to date Vodacom has taken the 1st installment but I have not even had any use of the device.

Nov 02, 2016

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