Vodacompenalty charges without responding to my emails

I have emailed on 6 Dec, and 8 Dec and 12 Dec and 13 Dec and 4 November 2016 to the following adres: [protected] to stop my debt order i will pay by eft before the 7th of each month, i went twice to a vodacom shop to stop my debt order!!!until today no one responded to all my emails or queries! I dont want a late debt order, when i opened my acc with vodacom i stated it must go off on the 4th of each month but instead you still took it on the 7th and this month on the 9th of Jan 2017!!!

Today i phone to get bank details and the lady said there is a penalty fee of R100!!! I will not pay a penalty fee i have instructed on 5 ocations for vodacom to stop it with out any one bothering to respond to my emails, or the shops where i went!! I need it to be sorted out, i have my prove off all emails i have requested vodacom to stop it, and no one even bothered to phone and follow up on way may debt order was stopped by me, i had to phone today the 24/01/2017 to get bank details, with also not receiving bank details!! Call me back so i can eft R199.00 asap! i will not pay penalties fees

Jan 24, 2017

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