Vodacom / payment not received & uneducated staff in their specific field.

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To Whom it may concern,

Please find below my ordeal that I am having with Vodacom, I type this in hopes that you can please step in and assist me on the way forward with this matter.

On the 13-10-16 I went online to the Vodacom site to do my upgrade as I was told by my friend it was so easy, hassle-free and there is no admin charge as you would get in store. After finding the package I wanted and applying for it, I was sent confirmation that in 24hrs I would hear back from a call center agent, of which this time came and went.
On the 17-10-16 I then called into the Vodacom myself to give me ref. number from which I had been given online and was greeted by a extremely rude person on the other line, whom informed me that my reference number didn't exist and ended the call with me.
I then called back and got someone else, whom explained that the Vodacom system they use and the internet one I was using to upgrade with are not linked so we had to reload everything again.
The call center lady then offered me another good deal on this Wifi 5GB router, which I took.
On the 25-10-16 my whole upgrade package came, (pic attached), everything was in order and I thought I was well on my way to been able to use my new devices.
6-11-16 The debit order comes off my account, what was agreed upon telephonically when upgrading was not as per the amount deducted. I therefore gave Vodacom a call the next day spent (no lies) 2hrs on the phone with not one, not two, but so many people I lost count, the staff are not trained at all on who to transfer the calls through to, how to deal with queries, how long not to leave a client on hold for & there is only so many times you can say 'your system is slow/froze/restarting'.
I was giving 7 references numbers throughout November now trying to settle this matter of my refund, where they have charged me an admin fee (when I upgraded telephonically) and then they still overcharged me overall on my final account.
All the figures they have on record as of the multiple times I have called in & I have ensured that the person on the other side reads back what I have said to them so I know that they have taken down my request correctly.
7-12-16 my debit order came off for the new month and I have found that the amount as promised which was going to get put back into my bank account at the end of the month or deducted off my Vodacom account has not been done. I now sit with a text stating that the 'Your query has been closed.'
Now to make things even better and what brings me to this point in wanting something to be taking seriously with my complaint is that my 5GB Wifi that I added to my package, never got loaded with its 5GB od data this month and I have called in twice already only to have the first time someone advise that it will be loaded by 5-12-16 & on the 7-12-16 I called back of which I was on hold while the lady was 'waiting for her system to load as it was slow' & then I got cut off, she called back and the same thing happened but that time she never called back and I still sit with no Wifi data, of which they have deducted the money for already this month.
Please can you try and advise me on how I can contact Vodacom Manager or someone 'big' in charge of which I can get my issues resolved as I have found that ever since I have upgraded I have been treated so badly and the service given but this company is absolutely horrendous.
I would just like what is fairly mine and what I have agreed upon and paid for, nothing more, I do not like any companies nor people whom take advantage of others and I feel that is what this company is doing and they staff do not give a dam and are so uneducated about the customer service that they should well be providing.
Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Knowles


Dec 08, 2016

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