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Smart Communications reviews & complaints

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Smart Communications - My Post Paid Subscription

I have a post paid subscription plan under account no. [protected] under my name. I lent the unit to my husband, Noe D. Gonzaga for his use while abroad. Since Sept. 2021, he does not receive any income messages/text or call nor can make any outgoing calls. My last payment made was Nov. 19, 2021. I have made several calls to Smart Comm. *888 but to no avail. I even posted a message in Smart Comm FB page but it is robotic one that you talk to so you can't get the desired response I want to. Thus, I resorted to this mode of lodging my complaint as there is a need to address the matter with urgency since I mentioned it is being used by my husband abroad.

I remember some three months ago receiving an email notification from Smart to pay the P4, 000+ amount of my bill. If this is the reason why you disconnect my phone or whatever it is that you may call it, please be advised that for so long a period of time you don't send me written SOA but only did when that bill amounted to P4000+ as mentioned above. How on earth will I know how much I owe your company on my post paid plan if you don't send me written SOA. Note that even if I am not aware of the exact amount, I paid on time the monthly subscriptions even before the due date. Should I be faulted on this? The law says, no demand no amount due. And yet I am paying my monthly subscription religiously not withstanding that I am your subscriber for so long a period of time and I still maintain another postpaid subscription with you under account no. [protected].

Smart Communications - Our online services are not accessible using pldt/smart as isp

Dear Sir/Madam: I am George V. Parlan, OIC-DNMD ICT Branch, POEA. May I request your office to check the experience of our clients, on my side I have verified the truthfulness and I find it...

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Smart Communications - Customer service agents

I am so disappointed with your service!!!  Your agents are so unhelpful!  They always make me wait for a long time!   I have experienced it 3 times!  The 3rd time is the worst!  I waited...

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Smart Communications - Termination Order Not processed

I signed up for new plan and termination of my old account in Smart store Sm Aura. Shaira, the store agent did not process the termination order which led the account to collection agency and might have affected my credit. I've been traumatized by getting incorrect information from the customer service over the phone and the store. They don't have the sense of taking ownership. The store also did not attend to my virtual appointment regarding the dispute. The store agents in SM AURA are very unprofessional same with the agents over the phone. The store agent is not responding to my sms. Due to the store's negligence my account was compromised and I would like my account to be settled.

Desired outcome: Reverse charges then terminate the account.

Smart Communications - Termination of contract smart bro

I called the smart hotline for my smart bro account# [protected] on September 12, 2021. I paid the due balance. They told me within 72 hours my account will be terminated. Today i recieved an email for me to pay october november for the billing of the said account! I called already for you to terminate my account! So why I am still recieving notice for payments!

Desired outcome: I want to terminate my account asap and why would i have to pay the two months where i didnt use this account because i know and i already terminated!

Smart Communications - pldt home prepaid wifi

Start date of incident: September 10, 2021
Reference Number: [protected]
Incident: slow connection. I was call out of the technical but we are requesting of refund for the promos that we are not used due to the issue of connection. the technical said that they will call me back by October. But the month of October has come, no one call from technical. Then last week of October we experience the blinking red of the sign "e", I call again to the smart hotline and I talk to a agent that I want to talk to their technical the agent said that they have no means to call out the technical they just send an email for the technical concerns, ok I understand. Then next day the smart technical call out me I was given a feedback that the area is overload of subscriber. Then regarding in modem I need to buy a new sim card the technical said. Then we buy a sim card and put in model R051 still its blinking red. Now November 2 We buy a new modem CAT6 D2K modem, now we want a refund from our promo that is not used from old modem and it takes too long to reverse the promo. I WANT ACTIONS NOW! UNTIL NOW THE TICKETS ARE NOT CLOSE ALL THE CONCERNS SINCE SEPTEMBER ARE NOT SOLVE. THEY NOT PRIORITIZING IT EVEN IT IS CRITICAL COMPLAINT.


Smart Communications - Services paid for not delivered and no communication from Customer service

My husband is in Lubbock County Detention Center, Lubbock Texas. We have been continuously charged credits for visitations that are not delivered as advertised. I pay 300 credits EVERY day and 98%of the time recieve only 10-15 mins of a connection for these videos due to this companies technological issues. Yesterday, 11/7/21, once 11am, smart communications took my credits and delivered NO VISIT AT ALL. I've request a return for those credits to my account 3 times, yet have not gotten them. I request returns on the credits I feel smart communications robs me all the time of, but do not receive them. I email tbe customer care department all the time, and do not get a response.

It's important for this company and it's employees to understand and educate themselves on the consumers rights act which are policies written to protect consumers like myself. Smart Communications is in violation of my cinsumers rights in a varied, but consistent way. There are not only policies written to ensure services sold are what they claim to deliver are actually delivered (which they are NOT) but also include stipulations and guidelines on responding to the consumer regarding the complaint or dispute of fees or services by the company. Smart communications does NOT respond. I have been waiting for a response for 3 months, and I email a minimum of once a week...sometimes more. I have not asked for anything ridiculous. I have only asked for someone to respond adequately and to credit my account back the credits lost in technical issues this company has with visitations. If I pay 300 credits for 30 minutes...but only connect for 15 every time. Then I want the 150 credits lost added back to my account every time. I'm tired of Smart communications stealing from me. Then just ignoring me as if my voice does not matter. Believe me, after enough time, people will hear my voice. The attorneys I hire will listen, and a judge will force this company to listen. Smart communications is NOT above the law and I will hold them accountable.

Desired outcome: All credits lost in technical issues refunded

Smart Communications - Poor service of Smart (unreplied emails, unprocessed requests and complaints

Good Morning,

It has been 18 days since I requested for my plan renewal and yet no respond has been received until now. I have been sending several follow ups alreadg via calls, emails, posts on twitter, facebook and yet SMART has not given me the proper update and customer service level response. My pending NTC FORMAL COMPLINT has been pending since July 2021 and all same feedback and update were given to me by SMART. The response has always been, "we will check, we will escalate, we will provide update within 24 hours", and yet until today- issue is not resolved.

What to do with the poor service of smart? NTC I have been asking for assistance on this and yet I have not also receive a positive on this.

To whom shall I escalate this? Will I go far as the media already?

Arianne Mercado

I have the same issue for 3mos now. Will just escalate and etc when asking for supervisor all are always in a meeting and when you opt to wait your call will be drop eventually

Same with my current situation. Supervisor rang for 1 sec just to have a record that they tried to reach out to customer. Customer service in the Philippines sucks, hope to never deal with them again. I've been traumatized by their agents and sups.

Smart Communications - Disconnection of Postpaid plan

Last Aug 13, 2021 tumawag kami sa hotline para magpa terminate ng contract ang sabi for processing at need lang magbayad ng mga pending balances para maayos na iyong disconnection. Aug 16 ang sabi niyo may pending kaming balance so okay pina credit namin doon sa card ang akala namin okay na nag wawait kami ng call hanggang sa hindi na namin nahintay tumawag ulit kami ng Aug 20 at ang sabi niyo may pending balance na 880.56 kasi ang last na binayaran ay para sa month ng July tapos ang 880.56 ay para sa Aug 1 to Aug 12, kasi Aug 12 ang end of contract. Dumating ang email aug 21, binayaran rin namin kaagad kinabukasan. Ang naka indicate lang sa email mag send ng proof of payment, letter of undertaking and valid id with signature. Comply naman namin lahat ng requirements at ang sabi niyo 2-3 days ang processing. Nag reach out kami sa messenger niyo noong Aug 24 for follow-up pero hanggang ngayon wala parin kaming update sa disconnection. Even emails from your company ay wala. Puro kayo apologies for the inconvenience, sabi niyo 2- 3 days processing pero pang 11 days na ngayon. Pati iyong message niyo last Aug 18 regarding Postpaid network unlocking concern with case ID number na sabi we'll get back to you within 120 hours ay walang nangyari. Ayusin niyo naman

Desired outcome: Process the permanent voluntray disconnection

Smart Communications - Incorrect Charges

Good day!

We are an enterprise client with 8 lines with smart. The first 4 lines absolutely have no problems. The last 4 lines we received have multiple problems.

The lines we applied for are 4 lines under plan 500 + 100 for the gadget totaling to 600 monthly per month for unlimited calls and texts to all networks with 2GB data.

When we received the first bill, the charges were unbelievable!

First, all texts and calls were charged by the minute.

Second, they charged the data and when we requested for the data logs, the sites say our employees use Valor, Linked in, Wattpad, etc. which our employees do not even know about. They are too old to use valor or wattpad etc.

When we filed for a complaint they keep insisting the charges were valid, we know for a fact that it is impossible because we have wifi in the office and the users are too old to play these games nor to even know what linked in is.

Total bill per employee is atleast 3500.

They said they fixed the call and text charges, but they did not. when they sent the new bill the call and text charges were not waived.

This is very frustrating as we dont have anyone to complain to because their customer service thru phone and email are all not listening nor solving the issues.

It's been 3 weeks since we disputed the charges.

Do you have anyway to contact the corporate office?

Smart Communications - Charges/Bill on closed Smart Broadband

Hello Sir/Madam,

Good day!
I would like to file a complaint against Smart Broadband for my plan 799 (1yr contract). My account # is [protected]. I signed up to them last May 2019 and paid 799 upfront. Due to unforseen event, I had a financial problem & I also lost my phone last Nov. 2019. I tried to pay my bill in Sun Cellular Office in Robinsons Forum(that's where I applied for my account) but the cashier said I need to go Smart Office directly. Since I have a work at that time, I wasn't able to go to Smart Center. Last Feb 2020, I received a demand letter informing me that my I need to pay 3, 307.34. My line was already disconnected but I paid the said amount and sent the receipt to their partner collection agency. After that, I did not receive any letter or bill statement from Smart which made me think that everything was settled since my line was already disconnected. This month, January 2021, I receive a letter again from Smart demanding to pay 6, 519.38. I message them and ask clarification about the final notice that I received, their first response informed me that my account was closed and to disregard the letter that I received. Then their following messages informed me that I need to settle the 6, 519.38. I ask clarification from them why the amount was too high considering that I only have 2 months left on the contract but they did not answer me back. Please investigate this. May pandemic pa din & every peso counts. I have attached the necessary documents for your reference. Thank you for your help.

Lhea Quintans

Desired outcome: Rectify/waive the charge

Smart Communications - Customer Service

Call avoidance/ Intentionally dropping the call especially when I voice out my complaints. Some rub their microphones to make it sound static some put me on hold for no reason then acting like they can't hear me when they get back so they can end the conversation. So you end up calling them again and again retelling everything until you get someone who actually does his job.

Smart Communications - Wireles internet service

I live in barangay Cambalading, Albuera, Leyte. I use a Pldt HOME with SMART LTE. I live just off the national hyway. The wireless internet service is unreliable, slow, and drops out much too often. It is impossible to conduct an business from my location. My children rely oninternet now for online schooling and the Smart system here is a negative impact on my childrens online activities. I might have to turn to Glibe for my communication needs. When will SMART upgrade or improve wireless internet seve int this area. Wired service isnot available. Please respond to this message a [protected]

Smart Communications - soa on my postpaid account

27 November 2020
Subj: SOA 23 November 2020
Mobile number [protected] Account Number [protected]
I wish to complain about the exorbitant charges: my postpaid plan is for P500 bur the latest SOA charged me for P3, 029.09 which included P9, 169.21 for Data Charges. Please rectify asap.
This account is more than 30 years old and has a long history of prompt payments. Thank you.
Alfredo G de Leon
Email: [protected]

Smart Communications - Smart is a scammer!

I have been asking Smart to terminate my account since my line contract has been finished since July. But despite my telling them over the phone and twitter and sending all the documents required, they have been billing me since July per contract. They just keep on saying that they have not received the documents. I really think it's a scam now. Beware of Smart they would want to keep you paying for life. They will try their best to keep your account for as long as they can with various scam tactics to dissuade you from terminating.

I am facing the same issue but with the store. I signed up the termination letter and the agent did not process it. Glad they agreed to reverse charges but it's still pending. They don't even provide confirmations and don't document the account. I agree with you, SMART is a big scam. So traumatizing. Even their customer service sucks.

Smart Communications - 1 smartbro pocket wifi

Buyer's name: Myla Aggabao
Email add: [protected]
Date of Purchase online :08/13/2020 01:13 AM
Total Payment Amount: Php 999.00 - PAID THRU CREDIT CARD
Item: 1 of router, evoluzn pr3f, lte, mifi, bro, pre 1 of ctc, smartbro, surfmax, php250, free 1 of card, sim, bro, lte, half, zero, pre, bundle

From the first time I've made a follow-up, I'm just receiving an apology and saying they will expedite the process. It's been 2 months and I haven't received the item!!! I've been requesting for my payment to be refunded but they just keep on ignoring my request which is so frustrating!!! This kind of service is so horrible. So disappointing!!!

Smart Communications - Billing for [protected] (account # [protected])


I permanently disconnected my cel # [protected] sometime January 2020. Along with it, the number [protected] (fixed load) was also disconnected. What remains is Broadband SBW PLAN 799 (#[protected]).

Unfortunately, I am still being billed for the monthly fixed load (#[protected]) up to now.

In this regard, please rectify/adjust your records accordingly from the time my cel service [protected]) was disconnected.

Thank you.

Truly yours,

Evodio G. Genelsa

Smart Communications - voip

I signed a document for porting from Telkom to Vodacom 28/11/2019 Trecy told me 7 days then I strted to followup with Telkom which never received the application, then there was another application...

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Smart Communications - telecommunication ph

They keep on charging me for data usage. Mysmart application and MyPldtSmart app is not working, means I can't see my packages availed in my plan. This started happen when I changed my number because...

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Smart Communications - service delivery

Since yesterday I bought data for 150mb it was never loaded I keep on phoning and the consultants are telling me different stories. Today when I called I was told my data will be loaded in 72hours. I mean why must I wait for so long to get a data that I bought?. Mean while what must I do without data as I'm afraid that they will deduct my money and not load data in my account. They're customer service consultants are not helpful at all and they don't care.

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