Vodacom Onlineonline contract nightmare

New Contract nightmare

I've never had such a level of incompetence from vodacom, I don't even know where to begin. I've been struggling to get an additional contract activated. first I struggled to even apply for the contract as Vodacom said it was only available online and since December 2016 before Christmas I've been struggling. First the online department were never available to answer the phone as I dialed [protected] option 1 and 1 again as I was told for me to apply for new contract, I saw a deal that was apparently only available online as none of the stores had it, the deal is data package for 20GB + 20GB night owl it was going for R499. After days trying to just speak to someone, at times a consultant would just put me on hold till the phone goes back to menu options after I've been on the phone for over 20mins. I eventually got someone to answer the phone by the name of Wesley and we spent a lot of time applying for the contract which was approved and when he was suppose to finish the process he told me that he cannot get the code for the particular deal I want and he will speak to the Director who issues the codes, he said the code was DV code "whatever that means".

He never called me back, following day I called and he was now on leave and nobody could help me because apparently it's only him and his supervisor who could help me. I had to wait for January the 4th for him to come back, I called him and he told me he still has an issue getting the code from the director he will call me back which he never did when finally on Monday 09 January I demanded to speak to his manager only then his manager gave me an alternative to say they are having an issue with that contract that I want and he can instated for R19 extra get me another contract that will give me the same amount of data i wanted plus a vodacom smart tablet, meaning now I will pay R519/pm I accepted.

3 days later Thursday 12 January 2017 I received the package and I was told I need to activate it which I called for activation the same morning 12th Jan at 9:30am and I was told activation will take 24 - 48 hours and well well well 48hrs passed and sim card still not activated so I called the activation line 0821945 on Saturday morning at 10:30am to ask why my sim still not activated and I spoke with Patrick who told me that
He will put in a request for my sim to be activated immediately because the prescribed time for normal activation was passed, he told me that he has sent a request to someone at the back-end who will activate NOW but I have to wait for 3 - 6 hours for the activation to happen, I didn't trust and was frankly fed up with the level of service I received from vodacom so I asked Patrick what time will they close seeing it was a Saturday and he told me at 5pm, so after three hours I called to check if a request was put for my sim to be activated and a lady answered my call and she told me that it was not activated and she has no record on her system that I called 3 hours ago and when I explained to her what Patrick told me she said she doesn't know of anyone in the back-end who activates immediately, the system does the activation and I have to wait for another 48hrs which I refused and ask to speak with Patrick at that time the time was 13:50 she put me on hold until the phone cut me off at 14h00 and I called back only to find out that the call centre is now closed opening the next day Sunday at 9am, yet I asked Patrick what time they close and he told me 5pm. I'm just fed up with Vodacom they lie, their staff is unprofessional. To think that I've been with Vodacom since 2000 and had my first contract with them in 2002 which is still active till today and I pay a lot of money and I’m treated this way. I need an alternative network seriously.

Jan 14, 2017

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