Vodacomnon existing contract in default

I keep getting calls from debt collection agents saying that I owe vodacom money since 2016. The number they are talking about was my number more than 4 years ago of which I paid up the contract and cancelled. Thereafter the number was allocated to another lady - which I phoned on that number and the contract has been in her name for the past 3 years. After my final installment I never received any accounts which means according to me that the contract was indeed cancelled, plus the fact that the number was allocated to someone else 3 years ago.

I wonder how wonderful vodacoms' service is if this is the case. How difficult can it be to pick up the phone and phone the person that the number belongs to and update your systems????

I use Telkom, MTN and Cell C, Vodacom was cancelled because of ### service - the internet connection was crap, the reception was crap, the service is crap. Which I do not experience with any of the other networks

This is the number that this query is about: [protected], And FYI, how do you bill an account without sending out an invoice monthly? And to someone that does not own that number???????????

I expect this to be corrected ASAP.

May 18, 2017

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