Vodacom / lte service problem on iphone 6s

Call ref no. 1-[protected] must be resolved today !!!
and CALL REF. 1-[protected]
You people keep on sending me different reference numbers but my problem does not get solved.
My primary no is still not getting any 4 G signal.

Call outstanding for a month now !!!

I bought a little 'over the counter' nano SIM card (completely number than my primary number) just as a test... Put some airtime and data on it ... Inserted into my phone and it is working 100% WHY IS ONLY MY PRIMARY NUMBER STUFFED UP ??? Vodacom already ALSO done a sim swap twice. STILL DOES NOT WORK. Can you please get a senior network specialist (or Iphone specialist to contact me urgently)

I need to have LTE working on my primary number URGENTLY. LTE is the only way i can access my security cameras around my house.!!!

I visited Vodashops MANY times. SIM swaps was done MANY times. Spoke to VARIOUS agent and all they recommend is ... reboot your phone.


Please get one of your Iphone specialists to phone me or make me an appointment and i will bring the phone so they can test directly and also see if all settings is correct !!!

Apr 05, 2016

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